About Tabriz


For those who want to feel the history of Iran entirely, through the ancient civilizations in 1,500 B.C. (i.e. the Ilkhanid Empire of Mongolians) to Safavid and Qajar dynasties, the city of Tabriz is of prominent priority, as their marvelous footprints are still remaining in the city.

Amongst the notable beauties of this city are the Grand Bazaar of Tabriz (the largest covered bazaar in the world), Rab'-e Rashidi, Kandovan (Iran’s ‘Cappadocia’), Blue Mosque, Arg-e Tabriz and the grand park of El-Gölü. Also, there are many charming museums all around the city, presenting the history in a palpable way to their visitors. All these historical sites become more fascinating when you see them beside modern buildings like tall skyscrapers, gorgeous hotels and high-tech market centers. Moreover, Tabriz is recognized as the city of the firsts, the cradle of Iran’s industry, and thanks to the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences it is the second health tourism city of Iran. Tabriz University of Medical Sciences is one of the most rigorous and prestigious medical universities and the second oldest medical school in Iran.

To sum up, it is the glorious environment of Tabriz, which creates an exceptionally positive and splendid sensation to its visitors. Like its famous and heavenly handmade carpets, Tabriz is a land of color and beauty. It may be cloudy and hot in summers, or chilly and cold in winters, but the Azeri people’s warm welcome keeps the city always mellow and friendly.