6th International Congress on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Comparing Self-Regulation learning strategies in Gifted and Normal students
Azar sarraj khorrami
Introduction: One of the important concepts in contemporary education , is self-regulation learning . Self-Regulation learning is defined by learners` beliefs about their own ability for involving in actions , ideas , feelings and following up the valuable educational aims.Self-regulation has valuable results in the learning process , training and even life success.The main framework of this theory is based on the way in which the students organize their own learning from the point of view of meta cognition beliefs , motivational and behavioral. The research Objectives : The purpose of this study was to compare self-regulation learning strategies (cognitive and metacognitive strategies : metacognitive self-regulation , resource management strategies) in Gifted and Normal high school students who were in grade of three and four in Dezful city. The Method : The statistical society of present research included all of the Normal and Gifted high school female students of Dezful that in this descriptive study of the causal-comparison method , 120 people including 60 gifted and 60 normal students , were selected by cluster sampling method , and self-regulation learning strategies questionnaire of Chen was carried out on them.The gathered data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and multivariate variance . The results: The results showed that the average of self-regulation learning strategies and its components in gifted students was higher than normal students, and this difference was statistically significant. Conclusion : Justifying this finding that the gifted students use more self-regulation learning strategies than the normal ones, it can be expressed that one of its main reasons is the execution of special programs in the bright centers in the background of reinforcement of hypothetical-inferential thinking and the modern methods of teaching in which the learner`s active role is emphasized. *This research has been done by support and guidance of Razi psychology studying core(Ravanpooyesh).
Self-Regulation learning strategies , Student , Gifted , Normal.
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