6th International Congress on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Group art therapy with cognitive- behavioral view, Hypnotherapy and the Integration of art therapy with hypnotherapy on the problems of externalized children
Elaheh zaheri Amir taha Aslani heragh
Introduction: Externalizing disorder is a chronic and inclusive syndrome which damages the child’s relationship frequently and increases the risk of problems in future life of the child. Although group art therapy with cognitive- behavioral view has a rich history in treating these groups of problems, it seems there is a long way to achieve the most comprehensive and effective method of therapy. Objectives: In order that the purpose of this research is introducing and examining the effectiveness of an integrative method of therapy which not only uses art therapy techniques for externalized behaviors of child, but also utilizes a supplementary therapy focused on the externalized emotions of child. For this significance hypnotherapy is the best, due to the fact that children respond to hypnosis very well and hypnosis creates a situation in where the children can express their feelings and solve their problems in several level of consciousness. Method and materials: The sample was consisted of 30 children at the age of 9-10 who had higher numbers than crisis point number in externalizing disorders scale of Achenbach Child Behavior Check List (CBCL). These children were set in three groups with ten members randomly: Art therapy group (ten weekly sessions of art therapy techniques for externalizing behavior), Hypnotherapy group (ten sessions of hypnosis which were supposed as restricting of attention, absorbing in trance phenomena and therapeutic suggestions and degrees of environmental separation), Art-hypnotherapy group (ten weekly sessions of both hypnosis and art therapy techniques). All of the parents completed CBCL before and after of the sessions. Results: In this research the results were analyzed by one- way ANOVA test and T-test for correlated groups, which they have shown that art therapy and art-hypnotherapy are effective significantly, but hypnotherapy was not effective independently. Between art therapy group and art-hypnotherapy group the differences were significant, in other words hypnotherapy could increase the effectiveness of art therapy for reducing the externalizing problems of children significantly. Conclusion: The results of this study support the effectiveness of Group art therapy with cognitive- behavioral view confirmation of the effectiveness of hypnotherapy as a complementary treatment to solve many problems in children. Affilation: Elaheh Zaheri(M.A in Clinical Psychology, Shahed university(e.zaheri86@gmail.com))
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Group art therapy with cognitive- behavioral view, Hypnotherapy, Integration of art therapy with hypnotherapy, externalizing problems.
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