6th International Congress on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The relationship between religious attitudes of mothers of children with an exceptional quality of life
Mehri saaidi Moghadam: Sociology MSc, Payam Noor University falcon Ruhollah Radpvsh: Sociology MSc, Kermanshah Governor employee Panahi, Nasrin: Sociology MSc, University of Qazvin nonprofit
group of persons and happiness, life satisfaction, health and creativity are included. Quality of life is associated with many factors. Due to the religious nature of our society, one of the factors that influence an individual's religious views on someone's quality of life. Research Objectives: Due to the exceptional children than mothers of normal children have more responsibility and are more sensitive and extraordinary maintenance of their children is their extra energy Therefore, improving maternal health and quality of life over others is important. This study examines the relationship between religious attitudes were examined with an exceptional quality of life for children. Methods: In this study, the relationship between religious attitudes and quality of life at The sample consisted of 93 mothers of children in Kermanshah were exceptional; The method of "sampling" were selected .to measure quality of life questionnaire was used Qo1-BC. That Includes four general areas (physical and mental), physical activity, social status - was sleeping and job performance, and measurement of religious attitudes Khodayarifard Religious Attitude Questionnaire (1387) was used. For data analysis, the Pearson correlation test was used. Results: Based on the findings there are Significant positive relationship between religious attitudes and Quality of life for children. Thus, the high religious attitudes in mothers is associated with more favorable quality of life. Conclusion: Religion can be seen as one of the factors affecting the quality of life, adjustment to stressors. Mothers who are more religious attitude will had more Mental Health and higher confidence Also, religion is the life of the mother to be optimistic and Hopefully to deal with life's problems. Exceptional children, exceptional events, such as their children are less likely to see as a major problem and It as an opportunity to grow and strengthen their spiritual know and the wisdom of God that can not escape it, can be interpreted. You could say that religious belief ,Person towards perfection and excellence and thus leads to better quality of life.
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religious attitudes, quality of life, mothers of exceptional children.
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