The First International & 4th National Congress on health Education & Promotion, 2011
اولین کنگره بین المللی و چهارمین کنگره ملی آموزش بهداشت و ارتقاء سلامت

Count: 741
1. pregnant women's perceived of control of birth outcome
2. Improving Health of urban and Human Capital Through an Development of Effective Primary Care System
3. Evaluation of health-related quality of life
4. Determination of Health-Promoting lifestyle and its relation with quality of life in B.Sc.students of school of health in Isfahan University of Medical Sciences
5. Effects of a regular exercise program on happiness of Ageing in nowshahr
6. Effects of a self-care education program on quality of life in patients with esophageal cancer after surgery
7. Assessment of prevalence and Risk factors domestic violence against women in Nowshahr
8. Prevalence and Determinants of Intimate Partner Violence against Women in Marivan, Iran
9. Compare of Continuation Rate and reasons for discontinuation of DMPA contraceptive among women referred to Tabriz and Ardebil health centers in 2007
10. Title: The study of male involvement in prenatal care in Shahrod and Sabzevar
11. Psychological Distance: A New approach In Health Education
12. Title: Designing and implementing educational preventive program for promoting physical activity and increasing physical work capacity by using the Transtheoretical Model among SASAD Employees.
13. Factors associated with regular physical activity among students in Hamadan university of medical sciences : application of BASNEF mode
14. The effect of stress management training methods on the adolescents mental health: Applying Health Belief Model with Social Marketing Approach in Tehran
15. Inter-dental cleaning behavior and its relationship with psychological constructs based on the Transtheoretical model
16. Stages of change of inter-dental cleaning behavior based on Transtheoretical Model among Pre-university students in Yazd, Iran
17. The relationship between inter-dental cleaning behavior and Gingival index based on the Trans-theoretical Model in Iranian adolescent
18. Development of oral self-care the decision balance and self efficacy questionnaires
19. Comparing the girls, mothers and teachers' perspectives toward the best instruction of education during puberty
20. The history of adverse outcomes in returnee pregnant women to the clinics of Zanjan
21. Development of a Rheumatoid Arthritis Education Program using the PRECEDE_PROCEED model
22. Determinants of oral health behaviors among high school students in Marivan County (Iran) based on Health Promotion Model
23. The relation between lifestyle and hypertension in rural population in gorgan, 2009
24. Physical activity, nutrition, stress and other behaviors related to lifestyle in Gorgan university students,2008
25. A survey of lifestyle and its influential factors among the university student in gorgan
26. The effect of health education based on HBM model on knowledge, attitude and practice of gorgan middle school student about anemia.
27. Knowledge, attitude and practice of bakeries of Gorgan about the use of Sodium Bicarbonate in bread -2007
28. The Role of Midwifery Professions in Sexual Health Promotion
29. Comparison of effects of two methods of lecture and group discussion on knowledge and attitudes of third year high school students about AIDS, Chalderan city
30. Comparison of effects of two methods of verbal education anddistance (presenting educational booklet) on promote the awareness level and improve foodstuffs distribution and preparation centers in Semmnan
31. Application and Comparison of Theory of Planned Behavior and health Belief Model in predicting Seat belt use among Automobile Drivers in Sabzevar(2010)
32. Determinants of helmet use behaviour among employed motorcycle riders in Yazd, Iran based on theory of planned behaviour
33. Application of the Transtheoretical Model to predict exercise activities in the students of Islamic Azad University of Sabzevar(2010)
34. Assessment of Mental Health and Some Related Factors among Students of Sabzevar Universities In 2010
35. Inefficient educational system and obesity related behaviors in adolescents: a qualitative study
36. Attitude of pregnant women about herbal medicine in VALIASR hospital in Kazeroon
37. Designing and Implementing Educational Programs to Promote Physical Activity among Students: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior
38. Effectiveness of educational program in self management among type 2 diabetic patients
39. Model of Ulcer Peptic patients’ Quality of Life Predictors in Sanandaj Based on Path Analysis of the PRECEDE Model
40. The study of propagational and Educational media needs and Determination of priorities in health education field from the view of urban and rural audiences of lorestan province in 1387.
41. The effect of intervention based on Health Action Model to promote worker's safe behavior in Isfahan Steel Company
42. Determinants of oral pill use based on Theory of Plannned Behavior among withdrawal user
43. Health Education is the Best Method to Preventing Malnutrition among 2-6 years Old Children
44. Title: The effect of Trans theoretical Model (TTM) to exercise behavior among pregnant women in Dehaghan Health Centers in 2009-10.
45. The study of pregnant women’s perception about receiving of services related to pregnancy
46. Title: The study of depression rate among dormitory student in university of medical science in Tehran.
47. Predicting physical activity among Iranian College Studentsbased on the Transtheoretical Model using path analysis
48. Testing of the Iranian version of the Behavioural Regulation in Exercise Questionnaire-2 (BREQ-2) in University Students: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis
49. Survey related factors to oral health in high school teachers in Yazd city
50. Determine Predictors of Walking Behavior In Patients With Type2 Diabetes In City of Yazd Based on Health Belief Model
51. The necessary for observance of standard cautions and nursing controls in working area and lnvironment and improve health in reducing of nosocomial infections ,resulting resistant "Acinto bactria" in patients who have numerous troomas in 1388- mashhad- shahid kamyab hospital-
52. Distinction between two controls constructs: An application of the Theory of Planned Behavior for substance abuse avoidance in adolescents
53. To explore perspectives of Iranian elderly regarding healthy eating and physical activity: a qualitative study
54. Physical Activity among a Sample of Iranians Aged Over 60 Years: An Application of the Trans Theoretical Model
55. Assessment of effect of educational program based on health belief model on self-care of diabetic type II patients In Borujen compared with current educations during the year2009.
56. The effect of safety education based on need assessment on the workers of Borujen industrial town in the Safety Behavior in year2009
57. education & increasing of health in office ,with forming of the staff health files
58. The health effects of education
59. Literacy of Health Promotion Terminologies in doctors of a health insurance system in Pakistan
60. Effect of Exercise Rehabilitation on Blood Pressure of Patients after Myocardial Infarction
61. Assessment of Glycemic index and Glycemic load of daily dietary carbohydrate (GI &GL) intake of students
62. The effect of applying continues care model on quality of life in patient with renal transplantation in the selected hospitals in Tehran
63. The effect of some simple exercises and correct daily activities on backache and dependent variables during pregnancy period
64. Effect of correct diet education on quality of life in type 2 diabetic patients
65. Nutrition education and its risk factors from point of view in mothers of hospitalized children in hospitals in Shiraz: a qualitative study
66. Effect of education on anxiety and depression in patients with myocardial infarction
67. Promotion and Maintenance of Preventive Behaviors from HIV, HBV and HCV Infections in Health Care Workers with Using Constructs of Health Belief Mode In Precede –Proceed Model
68. The effect of Bloom empowerment model on life skills promotion in girl student grade3 in Jahrom 2009-10
69. Life skills need assessment in girl high school student grade 3 in Jahrom From the viewpoints of students, parents and teachers 2009-10
70. Effective health promotion evaluation
71. Adjustment and completion of BASNEF model to provide a new model for educating large population
72. Users’ Performance and Awareness of HomeWater Softeners in Qom
73. The study of the relationship between knowledge level and insight of Borujen county health and cure organization in 2010.
74. Fruits and vegetables Consumption in male patients with metabolic syndrome & myocardial infarction
75. Awareness of patients about the symptoms, complications and severity of High Blood Pressure in Heart Clinics
76. Effect of diet education on quality of life in type 2 diabetic patients
77. Knowledge of mothers of hospitalized children on acute diarrhea in Urmia
78. Role of health volunteers in educating women about menopausal health; results of an interventional study
79. Effect of health belief model based intervention on promoting preventive behaviors about osteoporosis among the second grade middle school girl students in Isfahan (2010)
80. A Study Of The Stages Of Change In Smoking Cessation Among Khorramabad,s Staff
81. بررسي مقايسه اي دو روش آموزشي (آموزش توسط گروه همسالان و بزرگسالان) بر آگاهي و نگرش دانش آموزان دختر شهر بيرجند با استفاده از مدل تئوري اجتماعي- شناختي بند و راه
82. ارزشيابي تاثير آموزش مهارت هاي زندگي بر راهبردهاي مقابله با استرس و رشد اجتماعي ودانش آموزان
83. بررسي رابطه توكل به خدا با ميزان افسردگي و رضايتمندي زناشويي زنان كارمند
84. Cooperative learning as compared with lecture method in students learning; implications for medical and community health education
85. studying the rate of general health following and child senses controlling (in pre-school ages)
86. The Effect of education based on Health Belief Model on knowledge and attitude of health center staff in Kermanshah about cardiovascular diseases prevention
87. : Impact of education on the knowledge and performance of the protective measures of anticancer drugs in clinical staff
88. Better results obtained by daily supplementation of iron drops in toddlers with iron deficiency anemia in Iran
89. Survey Of social capital among female nurses in Hashemi Nejad Hospital, Tehran: 1389
90. Knowledge, health beliefs and breast cancer screening behaviors of women referring to health centers of Tabriz, 2010
91. The effect of educational programe based on PRECED model on quality of life in patients with type2 diabetes
92. Overweight as a Protective Factor in Dementia Incident in octogenarians and older: Kahrizak Elderly Study
93. Association of Physical Activity level with Risk of Type 2 Diabetes in Residents of South of Tehran: A Population-Based Study
94. The Effects of Fish Oil Supplement on Hematology Pattern of the Elderly "Kahrizak Elderly Study"
96. The effect of health education based on health belief model (HBM) for promoting preventive behavior of tooth decay among the boy students, who are in fifth -grade in the primary school
97. Assessing the causes of cesarean among women's first pregnancies, application of BASNEF model concepts
98. Health literacy and effective communication
99. Investigation of the most effective method of occupational health education to the workers of in using personal protective equipment (P.P.E)
100. Comparing of health education methods on promoting breast self examination(BSE
101. Quality of Life among the Elderly
102. The Effects of “Theory of Planned Behavior” based Education on the promotion of breast cancer control behavior in employed women
103. Comparing two methods of education ( Lecture- Self learning ) on changing knowledge and practice among mothers that have child under 3 years old about growth monitoring and nutrition development under coverage of Isfahan Health center.
104. A survey of relationship between metacognitive beliefs and self-efficacy with mental health of M.A students
105. Application of Health Promotion Model In Longitudinal Study Of Physical Activity Behavior Of Students In Adolescents.
106. stage of change for mammography adoption according on Health Belief Model among Iranian women
107. Effect of combination of approaches to group discussion and learning skills on developing the ability of nursing mothers in the use of proper breastfeeding techniques
108. Professional Ethics and Health System
109. Professional Relations in Health System and Medical Environments
110. Comparison of two teaching methods in traffic rules education in pre-school age children
111. Assessing effect of the smoking prevention program based on Extended Parallel Process Model(EPPM) among middle school male students in Shiraz
112. Prevalence of Non-Communicable Diseasea Risk Factors in UAE Healthy Heart Campaign Screening Results 2008-2009
113. Effect of Health Belief Model on usage of withdrawal as a contraception method in Mobarake, Esfahan
114. The effect of home-based cardiac rehabilitation program on self efficacy of patients reffered to cardiac rehabilitation center.
115. Social support and Self-care Behaviors in Diabetic patients Referring to Yazd Diabetes Research Center
116. Perceived Severity and Susceptibility of Diabetes Complications and its Relation to Self-care Behaviors among Diabetic Patients
117. Relationships between Locus of Control and Adherence to Diabetes Regimen
118. Study effect education on the knowledge and attitude pregnant women about nutrition during pregnancy in women referring to the health centers irashahr , 2008.
119. Title: Effect of discussion group on increasing knowledge, attitude about social, determinates and health in the women of reproductive age in rural women Marvdasht city
120. Application of HBM in assessing mothers attitudes about vaccination - Ardebil 2009
121. Relationship between health locus of control with physician - patient relationship in patients with type II diabetes ارتباط کانون کنترل سلامت با رابطه پزشک – بیمار در مبتلایان به دیابت نوع II
122. Relationship between satisfaction of treatment with adherence in patients with type II diabetes. ارتباط رضایت از درمان با پیروی از درمان در مبتلایان به دیابت نوع II
123. Experiences of Stigma in Health Care Settings among Adults Living with HIV in an Islamic Country
124. Study of the Effect of health education based on BASNEF pattern on the use of personal protective respiratory equipment by workers of Ahvaz carbon Block factory in 2009-10
125. Factors Affecting Physical Activity and Metabolic Control in Type 2 diabetic women referred to the Diabetes Research Center of Hamadan: Applying TransTheoretical Model (TTM)
126. women, type 2 diabetes, metabolic control, physical activity, TransTheoretical Model
127. Effect of educational intervention with pamphlets about AIDS on knowledge and attitudes of high school students – Ashtian
128. Study of nutritional behavior and preventive activities for osteoporosis among women in Qazvin
129. prevalence of chronic headache and low back pain and Frequency of analgesic use among adolescents in qazvin.
130. Effect of nutritional non presence method education of mothers by health volunteers in anthropometrical changes of infants
132. effectivness of physical activity on mental health in elderly
133. Assessing the mental health status of elderly in Shahrekord and relationship with sociodemographic factors
134. The effect of older education on knowledge about Healthy lifestyles. A randomized controlled trial
135. Help seeking behaviors of the hemophiliac patients and their families in Isfahan: A qualitative study
136. The effect of educational interventions and parent participation on improving integrated management childhood illness indicators in chahar oymag village in east azarbijan province Iran 2009
137. Knowledge of students about Influenza H1N1 disease in 2009-Birjand بررسی آگاهی دانش آموزان مدارس شهر بیرجند در مورد بيماري آنفولانزا نوع H1N1 در سال تحصیلی 88-89
138. Education and anti fungal agent in females whith infected by vaginal candidiasis in torkamanchy villages in east Azerbaijan province Iran 2010
139. The effect of implementation of health promotion program in school to control risk factors for obesity in adolescent
140. pornography as one of the high risk behavior of using the Internet and propose some strategies to prevent it .
141. Assessment of Health Behaviors of Nutrition in Two Group Commercial University of Medical and Nonmedical Sciences in 2008
142. Evaluation of Internet dependency on Nursing and Midwifery students Ayranshhrdr 1388
143. A Comprehensive ergonomic risk assessment and control program for the management of musculoskeletal disorders in an auto-making industry
144. Effect of education on knowledge and attitude of Nursing Staff toward parent participation in the care hospitalized child
145. Effect of education (based on the Model HBM) in leishmaniasisL disease control in Varzaneh of major city centers of Isfahan (2009-2010
146. aging , sleep disorder and exercise
147. Assessing the relationship between Aggression and perceived Self-efficacy in high school students of Hamadan city
148. The effects of aerobic training on homocystein and CRP serum levels in Elderly woman
149. Health promoting schools: Identifying and addressing health issues in New Zealand schools
150. Impact of nutrition education on knowledge, attitude and practice of adolescent girls about dietary calcium according to health belief model (HBM).
151. Application of the health belief model for increasing adolescent girls’ dietary calcium intake
152. Hepatitis E endemicity and necessarity of education about that
153. Health Belief Model based Safety education on supervisions of a workshop Constructing cement factory
154. Prevalence of unwanted pregnancy and some related factors in pregnant women
155. The effect of job stress management program based on precede model to nurses job stress
156. To determine factors related with depression in pregnancy in hamedan city in year 2008
157. The Prevalence of Self-medication and Its Effective and Alterable Factors Based on the Health Belief Model Among the Elderly Adults in Gonabad in 2009
158. The effect of assertiveness training on student’s academic anxiety
159. Effectiveness of nutrition education program based on health belief model compared with traditional training on the recommended weight gain in during pregnancy
160. Effect of nutrition education Program on the recommended weight gain in during pregnancy in pregnant women; Application of Health Belief Model
161. The study of influencing factors over smoking among boy university students studying in Kermanshah city
162. Prevalence of obesity in diabetic patients who referred to hamedan diabetes center 2009
163. Health beliefs and intention for Breast self-examination among health Volunteers of Zarandieh Iran: A test of Perceived Benefits and Barriers
164. Predictors of self-medication and its effective factors among Elderly Urban centers via Health Belief Model in Zarandieh Iran
165. Factors Associated with the Decision to Obtain an pap smear Test among Urban centers Women's via Health Belief Model in Zarandieh ,Iran.
166. Evaluation effect of Health Education Program Based on Health Belief Model on the Prevention of cervical cancer among urban centers Women's in Zarandieh Iran
167. Impact of nutrition education program on knowledge and attitude of female students about dietary iron
168. The effect of education on relatively stable behaviors related to nutrition in vulnerable elderly group - Golestan province -1388
169. Information therapy trout or myth, its feasibility and practicability in Iranian libraries
170. Information therapy through information prescription by clinicians, feasibility and applicability in Iran; study of cardiologists’ viewpoint
171. The role of baby friendly- hospitals of Tabriz University of Medical Sciences affiliated Nursing mothers in education in the year 1389
172. Survey of the smoking behavior based on Stages of change models among Iranaian Students in 2009-2010 Academic year.
173. بررسی تاثیر برنامه آموزش بهداشت براساس الگوی پرسید بر اصلاح الگوی مصرف روغن در خانوارهای تحت پوشش مراکز بهداشتی در مانی شهر خمین
174. Prevalence of depression in diabetic patients who referred to the Hamedan diabetes center 2009
175. An investigation on the influence of teaching courageousness based on PRECEDE model on assertiveness of high school adolescents in Gonabad
176. Identification of factors affecting the use of doping drugs and on body building athletes in Gonabad based on Health Belief Model 1389
177. The effect of education on Health Belief Model on the use of personal protective equipments by workers in Gonabad
178. Designing and Implementing Preventive Educational Program for Avoiding Psychoactive Drug Abuse based on Prototype /Willingness Model among college Students
179. Predicting factors of Tramadol abuse among College Students based on Theory of Planned Behavior
180. survey Effect of education on promotion science skill in Movement literacy instructors for Providing Services of Prevention of tuberculosis in Esfarayen in 1389
181. Effect of social capital determinates on mental health status among elderly in Tehran city
182. Physical health status of elderly in Tehran Metropolitan Area
183. Motives of individual for Tobacco use in adolescent boys: A qualitative study
184. Effectiveness of educational program related to persuade women to Normal Vaginal Delivery (NVD) based on Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) in Rasht.
185. The effect intervention based on integrating transtheoretical model and self-determination theory to promote and maintenance exercise behavior in college students
186. Correlation between self-efficacy and quality of life in diabetics' patients referred to diabetic clinic in Hamadan
187. Application Theory of Planned Behavior for Predicting Obtain a Pap smear Among Iranian Women
188. Application of health belief model for predicting osteoporosis-protective behaviors among Iranian women
189. The effect of education on knowledge of girl students in Shiraz universities regarding screening examinations for the breast and cervix cancers
190. The Effect of Educational Program Based on BASNEF Model on controlling the blood sugar in type II Diabetic patients
191. Prevention of child growth retardation through a PRECEDE-based educational programme in Shiraz
192. Personality traits and inhibition / activation Behavioral Systems in people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia disorder
193. Investigation of effective information sources about fertility behavior using triangulation method in vasectomized men
194. Development and evaluation of protection/risk model based education for prevention of adolescent behavioral problems
195. A theoretical model based on problem behavior theory for explaining problem behaviors: focusing on the role of mediators
196. the effect of educational program on women's practice based on Health Belief Model about pap smear testi in kouhdasht (2010.
197. Comparing the Effect of Current Education and Peer-Education on Walking in Type 2 Diabetic Patients based on Health Belief Model
198. The Survey of breast feeding prevalence and its effective factors, Isfahan, Iran: Application of BASNEF model
199. Polish anti-alcohol poster campaigns in 20th century. An analysis of visual public health strategies.
200. Postpartum depression among Iranian women: The role of perceived social support
201. The comparison of the theory of planned behaviour base educational intervention and lecture on the physical activities of Kerman Health Center’s staff
202. Assessing the internet addiction between scholars in Isfahan Payame Nour university 2010(kohandezh unit).
203. Title: Women's health behaviors working in the Islamic Azad University_Tabriz branch in cervical cancer screening test (pap smear), 1389.
204. Predicting exercise behavior in college students: Utility of an integrated model of health behavior based on the Transtheoretical Model and Self-determination theory
205. Influence of walking training on haemoglobin glucosile and fasting blood sugar levels in women with type 2 diabetes
206. The effect of educational program based on Health Belief Model (HBM) on preventive behavior of self-medication in woman with pregnancy in Arak city
207. A study on prevalence of intimate partner violence and effects of some factors among women in arak
208. Using The Theory Of Planned Behavior(TPB) To Understand Teachers’ Behavior To Participate In A Health Education Program, Qom, 1388
209. تغيير پاسخ هاي جنسي زنان با استفاده از مشاوره بر اساس مدل PLISSIT ‍‍Change in women sexual responses with using consultation based on PLISSIT model
210. The factors related to physical activity in female dormitory students of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences: application of BASNEF Model
211. The knowledge and attitude of Al’zahra university students about breast self examination (BSE)
212. Evaluating performance of trades school on awareness , attitude and foodstuffs trades in Farsan township (1387-1389)
213. Health promotion behaviors in retirees of education department
214. Comparison of social and personal norms and habits with intention, and also frequency of fish consumption
215. Antibiotic prophylaxis in dentistry: a review and practice recommendations
216. Effect of habit, moral norm and anticipated regret to predict seat belt use
217. The effect of sex education on women′s sexual attitude and knowledge in Isfahan in 2009
218. Comparison of internal and external control to the prediction of driving within speed limits
219. The relationship between women’s body satisfaction and anthropometric factors
220. Effectiveness of PRECEDE Educational Model on enhancement quality of life in elders –members of the Tehran Elderly Cultural Center – 2009
221. Comparison of Health promotion behaviors between health care providers and consumers – Iran, 2005
222. Assessment of Nutritional Knowledge in Aging People, Isfahan, Iran, 2009-2010
223. Determinants of self-reported non- adherence to medications in patients with hypertension
224. Application of Short Message Service (SMS) to encourage the people to control their blood cholesterol: a field trial
225. Using social marketing model to reduce driving behaviors among taxi drivers in Tehran
226. Assessment of knowledge and attitude of 18 – 35 year old boys and girls settled in damghan small province about communications skills, selecting life partner, and partner selection factors in 1388
227. The role of individual counseling and teaching in increasing sex satisfaction and decreasing sexual disorders and deviations in married referents of damghan counseling center (SAYA) from 1386 till 1389
228. Prevalence of accident and related deaths among children aged 1-5 years in Ardebil province in Ardabil
229. Comparison of health education between Health cooperatives and public health centers
230. Study of improvement reasons of neonatal mortality by need assessment and Delphi fan in East Azerbaijan in 1384
231. evaluation of the level of knowledge and attitude of mothers about nutrition behavior who refer to birjand urban centers in 87
232. A survey of smoking behavior based on the Transtheoretical model among Isfahan University Students in 2009-2010
233. The Health Promotion Capacity Assessment in Georgia
234. The effect of exercise on musculoskeletal disorders in surgeons
235. Assessing the joint application of PRECDE-PROCEED model and theory reasoned action (TRA) on promoting safety and workplace related behaviors
236. Title: cancer screening in middle-age women: mixed method approach
237. The comparison between Quran sound and quiet music on anxiety decrease of patients waiting for dental surgery in 2010
238. Correlation between deficit in affect regulation with physical and mental health
239. Evaluation a Health Education program in order to decrease Pediculosis Infection among Primary Students
240. Factors influencing life style-related osteoporosis preventive behaviors: a cross- sectional study among female staff
241. How effective are current community participation and health volunteers to promote health, "The viewpoint of health care providers”
242. Using Community based Participatory Research to reduce risk factor and promoting protective factor of drug abuse
243. The review on lifestyle in pregnant woman with hypertensive disorder in educational and private hospital of tabrize in 2010.
244. Relationship between job stress and absenteeism
245. The role of family physician in screening, referral of patient and insurance coverage in the rural areas in sannandaj province in 2009
246. Maternal health literacy: promotion and its effects on mother and child health
247. Awareness, Access to or availability, Attitudes towards and Use of Home-Based Technology Devices amongst Elderly People Living in Extra Care Housing
249. The Potential of Dental-Protective Chewing Gum in Oral Health Interventions
250. Strategies and approaches in oral disease prevention and health promotion
251. Nulliparous women's experiences of talking to fetus: A phenomenological study
252. Effectiveness of “Hands-on” and” Hands-off” Educational Methods on Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy among Primiparous Mothers
253. Knowledge, Risk perceptions and behavioral intentions for Hepatitis B among Health Managers in Yazd Province (IRAN)
254. Knowledge and behavioral intentions for Hepatitis B among students of universities in Yazd (IRAN)
255. Stage – matched educational intervention on reduction in musculoskeletal disorders
256. Musculoskeletal pain severity increasing, Health awareness effects or error in health education process?
257. Health Promotion clinic
258. Determine relationship between dimensions of mental health with exercise quality candidates of physical education course
259. Educational package for increasing cognitive and behavioral skills of physicians about malaria in Baluchestan area, Sistan & Baluchistan, Iran, 2009
260. Using the Participatory-Educational Program based on PRECEDE Model for the Self-Esteem and Psychological Well-Being Enhancement among University Students
261. The Relationship of Physical Activity to Self-Esteem and Health Locus of Control among University Students: a Case-Control Study
262. The relationship between serum copper and zinc status and lipid levels in Iranian workers.
263. Dangerous Behaviors and Road Accidents among Yazd Truck Drivers
264. Assessment of knowledge of male medical students of Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences about Types of therapeutic diets in 1389.
265. Application of Protection Motivation Theory in Determining Predictors of Unsafe Driving Among 19 Years Old and above on ,in Yazd City
266. Perceive unsafe driving rewards and safe driving costs among 19 years and above people in Yazd in 2010-An application of protection motivation theory
267. The role of coping stategies in parents having diabetic children , A method for keeping balance and family mental health promotion
268. Prevalence and associated factors of domestic violence against women in Ilam city
269. Comparative levels of self - concept, general health and willingness to communicate in adolescents with average and smart IQ
270. Prediction level of Existential anxiety experienced based on identity styles and Religious attitude
271. Reviewing the level of knowledge and practice of women (15-55 years) of the Kashan on the breast cancer and screening methods in year 2010
272. Comparing the attitude and function of AIDS patients and Society of Kashan on AIDS in 2009
273. Comparing the effects of two educational methods for improvement of knowledge and attitude about osteoporosis in women in Health center s of Khoramabad city
274. Social well-being status among Esfahan elderly people
275. Effect of education on promoting preventive behavior of coetaneous leishmaniasis in Shahid Babaie airbase
276. Evaluation of health education programs in primary health care of East Azerbaijan, 2005
277. Use of FOCUS PDCA in improvement of health education programs
278. A Case study of health needs assessment in Primary Health Care system of East Azerbaijan
279. Determination of health priorities in East Azerbaijan districts
280. Evaluating the Effect of Educational Intervention According to the Precede Model on Promotion of Self-Care Behaviors in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
281. Evaluation of the effect of educational intervention on empowerment of patients with type 2 diabetes
282. Evaluation of the effect of educational intervention on Myth of patients with type 2 diabetes
283. Comparison the happiness and willingness to communicate in the three classes of the attachment in student population
284. Association of Folic acid intake and the level of serum Folate with occurrence of Preeclampsia in clients of ALZAHRA educational hospital: a case-control study
285. Survey Of the related Factors to the use of Ecstasy Pills in intern medical students of Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences and health services- yazd based on Health-Belief Model
286. Comparison of the effect of focus group discussion with current methods of health education in Yasuj City health centers
287. Quality Gap of Health Care Services in Khoramabad Urban Health Centers
288. The effect of Orem Self care program intervention on physical components of quality of life in patients with Coronary Artery disease
289. The effect of self care education planning on quality of life in patients with ischemic heart disease
290. A Review of Studies on the Effectiveness of Health Education Interventions to Improve BSE Behavior in Women
291. The Predictive Healthy Behaviors of Puberty among Female Adolescents of Gonabad based on Behavioral Intention Model
292. Elderly self efficacy, the effect of family-center empowerment model
293. Title: A comparative study of primary school pupils knowledge about oral health using active learning in the city Torbat - 1388
294. Study the performance and awareness level of mothers in children's surveillance (under 6 years of age) in Khalilabd in the year 2008.
295. Examination of awareness level of women between 40-60 years old in relation to menopause signs , treatment and prevention of its complications in Khalilabad city in 1388(2009)
296. Topic: Study the patterns of supplementary nutrition among infants (4 to 24 month of age) in Khalilabd in the year 2009
297. Topic: Study the procedure of infant's breastfeeding in Khalilabd health center in the year 2007
298. The effect of family- centered empowerment model on cerebrovascular accident patient’s caregiver’s quality of life
299. Quality of services given to the patients hospitalized in university hospitals Of Kashan in 1387
300. Nutrition literacy among clients of a health care center
301. Study of relationship between perfectionism and coping strategies with mental well-being in nurses
302. The effect of 8 week physical activity program on metabolic control in type 2 diabetic women in Hamadan based on TransTheoretical Model (TTM)
303. Screening Evaluation of Congenital Hypothyroidism (CH) At NO.1 Health Centre of Isfahan, in2009-2010
304. Sociodemographic Correlates of Physical activity amongst Iranian Women of Reproductive Age
305. Comparison of Anxiety Sensitivity and Worry in Patients with majer depression, Panic Disorder and Normal Individuals
306. The effect of education through group discussion on the Quality of Life of patient with multiple sclerosis
307. Title: examination of IUD continuance level in women whoreferred to health and medical centers in Khalilabad during 1384-1387
308. Drug addiction in the family and the concerned effects on children
311. Evaluation of the Attitude and Practice of Self-Medication with analgesics among North-Western university Students
312. Comparing of Child to Child with trainer to child educational approach Based on Health Belief Model (HBM) for Dental Plaque Control among elementary students of Sanandaj in 1388 .
313. Assessment the relationship between the Self Efficasy and Smoking among high school students of Sanandaj in 1388 .
314. The awareness of 15-50 year old Individuals in regard to AIDS Transmission Routes and Prevention
315. The Relationship between Perceived Self-efficacy,Behavioral intention , Benefits, Susceptibility and Severity with Awareness of AIDS Prevention Behaviors among Students of Kerman University of Medical Sciences
316. The Contribution of Home-Based Technology to Elderly People’s Quality of Life in U.K-Specific Extra Care Housing
317. Study of knowledge and attitude and practice among Zabolian women regard to breast self-examination by using health belief model in 2009
318. Survey of cervix cancer screening determinants among 20-65 years old women based on health belief model
319. The Study of Factors Relevant to Skin Cancer Preventive Behavior in Female High School Students in Yazd Based on Protection Motivation Theory
320. Knowledge, attitude and self-reported behaviors related to internet usage in college students in Tehran
321. Comparative investigation of educational methods lecture, group discussion, question & response and illustrative poster effect on the knowledge rate and behvarz٫s operation in health and treatment net of Alborz Town, 2007
322. Awareness of Kerman University of Medical Sciences Students about AIDS Transmission Routes and Prevention in 2010
323. The Application of Reasoned Action Theory to predict intention to Pap Smear Screening Test among Female Teachers in Dashti District, Iran
324. The effect of training based on Health Belief Model on Brest Self- Examination among female teachers in Sari-Iran
325. Application of Health Belief Model in Change of Self Care Behaviors of Patients with Coronary Artery Disease
326. Comparative study of different education methods about AIDS on knowledge and attitude of students (2010).
327. Epidemic consideration of dangerous sexual behaviors in university students referring to Saya counseling center from 1383 till 1389
328. Teaching sexual satisfaction in girls and women participating in damghan city from 1385 till 1389 sexual hygience workshop with the help of saya cousulting center
329. Home Violence Against Pregnant Women: Prevalence And Associated Factors
330. Competency-based education (CBE); it's important implications for management and quality improvement of health education/promotion curricula
331. The study of Knowledge, attitude and practice of Yazd restaurant chefs, especially concerning cardiovascular diseases in 2010
332. Comparative study of Group and Individual Education on the level of Knowledge, Attitude and practice of Self Care in Burned patients
333. Evaluating a Health Exhibition Effectiveness: A Descriptive Study in Yazd, Iran-2009
334. Women's knowledge and attitude toward the Menopause
335. Factors influencing patients’ participation in self-management education programmes for diabetes in Leeds-England
336. Education-based needs assessment health staff in health deputy of Birjand University of Medical Sciences in Relationship with education & health promotion
337. Effects of education on hospitalized patients’ knowledge and attitude about risk factors of cardiovascular diseases in CCU and Post CCU wards of shahid Mustafa Khomeini hospital in Ilam
338. Mean knowledge analysis, attitude and practice of city’s health centers employees in Isfahan Health Center 2 in family planning counseling field
339. Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Yazd High-School Girls about Consumption of Milk and Dairy Products in 2010
340. The Survey of High School students' acceptance of Milk distributed by the government in Iran-Yazd - 2010
342. The Effects of Hope Promoting Interventions on Cancer Patients. A Case Study in Sanandaj
343. The effect of educational program on nutritional knowledge and the behavior among second grade middle school female students in Esfahan city in 2009
344. The comparative research about the effect of puberty health education on health behaviors of secondary school girls in region 1 of Tehran 87
345. Community-Based Participatory Research station in IR :Looking Forward to Community Empowerment
346. Community-Based Participatory Research: How Good Are We in Iran
347. Comparing of the Effect of Learning Kangaroo Care and Breast Feeding on Immunization Injection Pain in Infants
348. : Influence of nutrition training and weekly iron supplementation on the rate of girl student learning of Gonabad high school
349. The knowledge comparison of handicapped and nonhandicapped mothers of 6-12 years old children about prevention from physical and mental disability.
350. Observance of Dietary Regimen in patients with Coronary Artery Disease at hospitals of Tabriz.
351. The survey of pregnant mother's views about pregnant activities and e exercises in Gonabad.
352. Breakfast consumption patterns and its association with beliefs about “whether it’s easy or difficult to prepare breakfast?” among high school students in Tabriz, Iran
353. The effect of continuity of midwifery care on childbirth outcomes
354. Development an advances short courses for foreign affairs focal point of Health systems: Refugee Health Care
355. Incorporate Disaster Risk Reduction Training Materials in Primary Education
356. The Contribution of Veterans' Quality of Life in Prediction of Their Wives' General Health
357. The Role of Ergonomic Education in Occupational Health
358. Preparation Persian version of assessment of body weight – body image and self esteem in middle-aged women Yasuj 1389
359. The Effectiveness of Education on the Knowledge and Performance of Women toward Osteoporosis in Tabriz in 1385-1388
360. Behavioral factors amongst patients with HIV referred to the Tabriz Counseling Center of behavioral disease
361. Stakeholders engagement: AIDS prevention policies
362. Health Education and Media: Effects of Pamphlet on Knowledge of Health Centers' Staff about High Blood Pressure
363. Assessment of health-related quality of life (HRQOL) among students living in dormitories of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, 2009-2010
364. The relationship between Internet Addiction and General Health among student dormitories inTehran University of Medical Sciences in 2010.
365. Relationship of emotional intelligence with general health of pregnant women, Alzahra hospital
366. Survey of helmet use in motorcycle drivers based on Health Belief Model in Khomein city, 2010
367. Emotional Intelligence in the Victimized Pregnant due to Domestic Violence in Alzahra hospital, 1387-88
368. The Effectiveness of Life Skills Workshops Holding on Housewives’ General Health in Tabriz in 1388.
369. The role of health beliefs in performing preventive behaviors in high- risk individuals for developing type II diabetes mellitus
370. Application of Health Belief Model to promote preventive behaviors in at high risk individuals for developing type II diabetes mellitus
371. A Survey on correlation between Audiovisual Media and Adolescent Violent Behaviors in Iranian School-Aged Children
372. Psychological stress at work and depression symptoms in employees of Polyacryl Iran Corporation Company
373. Knowledge, attitude and self-care behavior about oral health of students in Yazd, 2009
374. Public Helth2.0: Applications of web2.0 in public health promotion
375. NGO status and governmental organizations in promoting population health
376. Studing the state of “nutrition education” in the old people (60 & 65 years olds) in the rural areas of “Kangavar and” “ravansar” in 1388 (two cities in Kermanshah Iran country)
377. Health Literacy; a gap in health education and health promotion practice and research in Iran.
378. Investigation about BMI situation in Nowshahr (city) pregnant women – 2009
379. Comparing two educational methods (lecture and educational package methods) in knowledge and attitude of teenage girls on puberty health , in Kish Island, Iran
380. The knowledge and awareness of female guidance school students to their maturity health, in Hashtgerd city – 2010
381. Education Effects on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Female Students of Yazd City Regarding Skin Cancer
382. Effects of education on self-monitoring of blood pressure based on BASNEF model in hypertensive patients
383. Model of self-monitoring of blood pressure Determinants among hypertensive patients in Yazd Based on Path Analysis of BASNEF Model Variables
384. Comparison of women’s lifestyle in preterm and term birth among mothers referring to educational and medical centers in Tabriz
385. Health related quality of life in children with thalassaemia on the basis of SF- 20 in Yazd, Iran: a case control study
386. The effects of education on formula and bottle-feeding behaviors in Suckling mothers based on PRECEDE model
387. The Effect of Health Education based on HACCP Management Model on the decrease of microbial contamination of Workers’ Hands in the Fast Food restaurants
388. Physical Activity and Nutrition Associated with Dyslipidemia in Iranian Middle-aged Women
389. Ergonomics and Occupational Health Promotion: The Role of Occupational Health Education in Libraries
390. Global scientific attitudes towards health psychology
391. The incidence of anemia in pregnant women with iron supplementation
392. The relationship between Parenting styles and identity styles among adolescents
393. Study the effects of daily hot meal in children growth at kindergartens (pre primary school) in Abadeh.(1388
394. Considering and promoting students awareness in primary and guidance schools about milk benefits at Abadeh(1387-1388)
395. Predicting Factors influencing on alcohol consumption among Hamedan university students According to Prototype /Willingness Model
396. Psychometric properties of the Kidney Disease Quality of Life – Short Form version 1.3 in a sample of hemodialysis patients
397. Determinants of dental brushing behavior among Iranian adolescents: A theory of Planned Behavior study
398. Health-Related Quality of Life in a Sample of Iranian Patients on Hemodialysis
399. Health Promotion through Social Marketing Model
400. The Role of Control Knob Behavior in Health System Reform
401. Message strategies to promote healthy behavior: loss framed or gain framed?
402. The prevalence of high risk behaviors and its relation with social background among 14-18 years old adolescents in the city of FooladShahr
403. Smoking habits of adolescent students in Tehran
404. Pattern of cigarette smoking on adolescent students in Tehran
405. Assessing the awareness from effects of internet on high risk behavior: A cross sectional study between internet users students in Tabriz university of medical sciences
406. Mothers' Knowledge about the Foods that Improve Breast Milk Quality or Quantity
408. Life Skills amongst Elderly People: confidence and positive self concept
409. A Survey educational needs about diabetes Risk factors in Hamedanian people 2010
410. Confidentiality, A Foundation For Physician-Patient Relationship: Challenges & Approaches
412. Factors Affecting the Accuracy and Quality of Health News
413. Health Promotion in Treatment Environment, A Requirement of Treatment Tourism Development
414. The effectiveness of the drawing and picture-based nutrition education on knowledge of 5 to 6 year old children in Ardebil province kindergarten
415. Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Kangaroo Mother Care
416. The relationship between social and demographic factors and prevalence of depression among the elderly aged over 60 years in elderly centers under the Social Welfare Center in Shiraz 2009)
417. Effectiveness of education of Orem self-care program on headache indices in Migraineur
418. AIDS Health promotion programs amongst Iranian adolescents
419. Educational Intervention on the Promotion and Maintenance of Physical Activity among Adolescent Girls
420. Promoting physical activity-related knowledge among students of Bavanat high schools: an interventional study
421. Effectiveness of education on health beliefs and practice of women eligible for cervical cancer screening using the Health Belief Model
422. The Relationship between Self-efficacy, Behavioral intention , Perceived Benefits , Susceptibility and Severity with Knowledge of professional medical Students of Kerman University of Medical Sciences about AIDS:2010
423. Behavioral risk factor of prostate cancer in YAZD
424. The effect of health education on knowledge and practice of health volunteers about prevention of leishmaniasis in Yazd city
425. The effect of education on snack and breakfast consumption of girl students (10-11 years old) based on Health Belief Model in Sari.
426. Effects of mother's training about complementary feeding on enabling, predisposing and reinforcing factors based on PRECEDE model
427. The knowledge and attitudes and performance of breast self- examination among female student of Yazd Shahid Sadoughi university of medical sciences
428. Perceived reward of not using and costs of using hearing protection devices and their relations with workers' hearing protection motivation
429. Measuring the Use of Personal Protection Equipments by the Workers of Isfahan Gitipasand Industries based on Health Belief Model structures in 2010
430. The pattern of diet regimen among pregnant women in Gonabad city, based on Health Belief Model, 2008
431. The effect of nutrition education on nutritional behaviors and glycemic control indices based on BASNEF model among elderly with type 2 diabetes.
432. Impact of a customized dietary intervention on antioxidant status, dietary intakes, periodontal indices and inflammatory markers in patients with adult periodontitis.
433. Depression during pregnancy and its effective factors in clients of Tabriz health centers
434. Fear and Anxiety of patients before Angiography in Shahid Madani hospital in Tabriz in 2010
435. Effects of Education based on Health Belief Model on Knowledge and Attitude regarding Pap smear in Health workers
436. Brucellosis Prevention Program: Appling “Child to Family Health Education” Method
437. Breastfeeding status in the north of Iran: A retrospective study
438. Association between educational level and prevalence of hypertension, awareness and control of it in the north of Iran.
439. The trend of seat belt use among drivers in the north of Iran, 2007-2010: An epidemiologic study.
440. Sun protection promotion in children: Theory based intervention for skin cancer prevention through mother education
441. Considering recreational activities of aged people of Ahar city in year 1389
442. Application of BASNEF model in prediction of Domestic Violence against women in Sabzevar
443. Environment, health and women
444. Effect of Education on Knowledge and Attitude of Hospitalized Patients in CCU and Post CCU of Mustafa Khomeini Hospital of Ilam City about Risk Factors of Cardio-Vascular Disease in 2009
445. Survey of nutrition department of the selected hospitals affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences about HACCP implementation requirements
446. Study of Film Watching Rate, (Cinematic, Dramatic, Documentaries and TV series) Religious Behaviors and Mental Health Status among Students in Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences
447. Supplementary nutrition in children younger than two years in Mashhad
448. Relationship between maternal use of nutritional supplements during pregnancy and its effect on growth of children in Mashhad
449. The implication of Health belief model to analyse the use of helmet among motorcycle riding in Tabriz
450. The Impact of Self-Efficacy and self-esteem on Weight Change among Overweight Participants in a Weight Loss Trial
451. Application of BASNEF model in prediction of Domestic Violence against women in Sabzevar
452. Knowledge, attitude and practice of breast cancer screening methods in a female population of sanandaj
453. The effect of education on the married men's knowledge of family planning programs
454. The effect of education on knowledge of girl students in Ilam’s vocational schools concerning Urinary Tract Infections in 2008.
455. Coping strategies against job stressors in Tabriz hospitals nurses
456. physical and Psychosocial Job Stressors among Nurses Working in Tabriz Hospitals
457. Relationship between health belief and self concept with breast self examination in students
458. Effect of education to social marketing approach based health belief model (HBM) at prevent use smoking in male students guidance infour areas of education in Isfahan in 1388
459. Investigation of the effect of health belief model in behavioral promotion of urinary infection prevention in pregnant women referred to health and treatment centers in Behbahan city in 1388-89.
460. : Assessment of educational needs in pregnant women in urinary infections for formulating a proper educational planning.
461. KAP study in controll and prevention disease export yazd health center , due food borne siseases before and after training
462. Effects of depression and anxiety on neonatal and pregnancy outcomes
463. Managers and personnel insights to Organizational climate status in teaching hospitals of Hamedan University of Medical Sciences
464. Mothers' Satisfaction from Cesarean Cares in physical and emotional aspects in Public and Private Maternity Tabriz Hospitals in 2010.
465. Empowerment as a strategy for health promotion
466. Fruit and vegetables intake among elderly Iranians: an interventional study using the Five–A-Day program
467. The efficiency of health networks in "Tabriz University of Medical Sciences" applying mathematical model of “data envelopment analysis
468. Breakfast consumption and its’ relation with individual factors amongst high school students in Tabriz, Iran
469. Perspectives of Iranian elderly regarding healthy eating and physical activity: a qualitative study
470. Health-related Quality of Life among Elderly member of elderly centers in Tehran
471. Toward Healthy Aging
472. Physical Activity among a Sample of Iranians Aged Over 60 Years: An Application of the Transtheoretical Model
473. Attitude of Iranian mothers regarding vaccination and immunization programs
474. "Changing attitudes; the biggest problem in Health Education"
475. Survey on relationship between constructs of the planned behavior and road crossing safe behaviors among the fourth grade students of Tehran city
476. Depression is associated with unhealthy lifestyle in patients at risk of cardiovascular diseases
477. Effect of social class on mental health in Tehran’s youth
479. Evaluation of the quality of health education program referred to group education in health center of subsidiary of Iran University of Medical Sciences, year 1387
480. Measuring self-esteem and social support health personnel, a criterion for predicting health center staff burnout Mashhad
481. Measuring levels of work pressure on staff at hospitals in Mashhad And determine its relationship with clinical staff burnout
482. Assessment of burnout syndrome in health workers; strategy for promoting reverence and health services personnel to the target group
483. Prediction of Helmet use Among Iranian Motorcycle Drivers: an application of the Health Belief Model and the Theory of Planned Behavior
484. Improving breast self-examination: an educational intervention based on health belief model from Bandar Abbass, Iran
485. Teaching Motivational Interviewing to Health Education Students Improve Counseling Skills in Health Behavior Change in Yazd University of Medical Science
486. Health-promoting behaviors of a sample of Iranian Adolescents
487. Utilizing the Information–Motivation–Behavioral Skills model in determining diabetes self-care predictors in Patients Referring to Yazd Diabetes Research Center
488. Prediction of Seat Belt Use Among Iranian Car Drivers: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior and the Health Belief Model
489. Predictors of speeding behavior among a sample of Iranian commercial car drivers: an application of the theory of planned behavior
490. Social marketing: a new method of training, a mechanism to change behavior, and use its advantage in designing training programs
491. The pattern of mobile phone usage among students of yazd shahid Sadoghi University of medical sciences 2010.
492. Study of relationship between the significant features of cognitive, competence, effectiveness, choice, confidence and motivation to others of Para Teachers College of Health and tasks help it in Mashhad in 1388
493. attitude and practice of students in yazd shahid sadoghi university of medical science about the mobile phone usage in 2010.
494. the examination of frequency and reasons of tendecy to the use of kalyan,cigarette and alcholic liquors among the students Tehran university of medical sciences
495. A Study of the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) of Faculty Members of Yazd University Regarding Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD) and its Risk Factors
496. A GSHS-Based Survey of Health Status of Secondary School Students in Bafq city
497. Related factors to dental health in secondary school female students in Khorramabad city based on health belief model
498. Effect of Educational Intervention Based On PRECEDE Model on Level of Stress among Elderly Referred to Health Homes of Tehran in 2009
499. The survey of performance of fourth and fifth grade students at elementary school in city of YAZD to oral health in the fall 1389.
500. nurse's spirituality, spiritual care, patient satisfaction
501. Which one can preserve family health Known or Unknown Surrogate Mother
502. Coping Appraisal and Threat Appraisal, Which one is a better predictor of unsafe driving behaviors and intention in Yazd citizens
503. Physical Activity and Differences in Decisional Balance and Self-Efficacy: An Application of Transtheoretical Model
504. Emergency contraception: Provider knowledge and attitudes and their relation with the pills users’ knowledge and attitudes in Tabriz
505. Motility, and physical activity in first grade of high school students of Tabriz in 2008-2009
506. "A Survey on the Correlation Between Individual-Social Characteristics of Health Providers and the Quality of Their Services Presented to Below Two-year Old Children in the Selected Health Centers in Tabriz"
507. Needs assessment from the viewpoint of age-friendly city features over 60 years' two health centers of Tabriz in 2010
508. religious beliefs and Risk behaviors
509. The effect of health education through printed media on female nehzat-e-savadamouzi students against breast cancer, cervical cancer and current women’s gynecological infections in fars provience-1386
510. Self efficacy and Perceived Behavior Control Associations with Gym users’ Anabolic Steroid Use Related Behaviors
511. Awareness of Health information literacy among nursing students at Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
512. Investigation of Breast Cancer screening Behaviors using the stage of change model and it’s relationship with psycho-cognitive factors in Isfahan female Teachers
513. The Neglected Role of Occupational Therapy in Health Promotion
514. The Survey of Perceived Susceptibility, Perceived severity, Perceived Benefits and Self-efficacy for planning to prevent AIDS, among Kerman medical Students
515. Prevalence of FGM and The impact of health education based on behavioral intention model on attitudes and behaviors in women refer to health center in Ravansar city(Kermanshah province)
516. The survey of knowledge and attitude of fourth and fifth grade students at elementary school in city of YAZD to oral health in the fall 1389.
517. Design & evaluation of an educational intervention to reduce head lice infestation in female students in Chabahar city
518. The assessment of mental health quality within health workers of " social insurance hospitals employees" in Tabriz
519. Prevalence of BMI and its related factors among primary school students in Sanandaj, Iran
520. The study of School and public health center partnership for students' health promotion
521. Effect of family planning counseling workshop on health workers' knowledge in Birjand Family Health Centers
522. Relationship between social participation and mental health in Shahr-e- Ray youth
523. Study of primary health care (PHC) system performance about students' health promotion in East Azerbaijan
524. The predictive role of empowerment and psychological wellbeing in the quality of life of Breast Cancer Patients
525. The Effect of Educational Program Based on BASNEF Model on behavioral methods of stress management in people with Multiple sclerosis
526. The effect of health education program on K.A.P and Tinea Capitis in Chabahar primary boy students
528. Self-Efficacy: Is it important in Nursing Stress Management?
529. Prevalence of postnatal depression and its related factors in women referred to health care centers of Sanandaj in 1388.
530. Quality of life in cancer patients in Qazvin
531. Adolescents in first line of cigarette attacks and other health behavior problems
532. The effect of nutritional education on weight reduction
533. Study of Knowledge and Attitude of Men toward Vasectomy Operation in Boushehr Province
534. Nutritional behaviors in first grade high school students by using GSHS ( Global School Health Survey ) standard questionnaire in Tabriz in 2008 – 2009.
535. The Effect of Exclusive Breast Feeding Education on Breastfeeding Self-efficacy and Maternal Stress Referred to the Selected Hospitals Related To Medical Sciences Universities in Tehran,1388-1389
536. Performance of mothers with children under one year on exclusive breast feeding in Yazd in 1389
537. View of medical students toward nutrition Mashhad University
538. The comparison of unplanned and planned pregnancy outcomes
539. The relationship between junk food consumption and growth curve status of children in the city of Mashhad 24-6 months
540. The Survey of education effect rate on nutritional knowledge and stages of fruit and vegetable consumption change of elders, based on stages of change model (transtheoretical model)
541. Smoking cessation stages among student of Shahid Beheshti University using Transtheoretical Model: A Cross-Sectional study
542. A comparison of Bushehr Province and Iran’s rural demographic indices and under-five mortality rate between 1993 and 2008
543. Knowledge, attitude and practice of students in universities of Isfahan about self medication
544. The evaluation of mothers' participation project in improvement of nutrition and growth promotion of children by the CIPP Model after 2 years
545. The relationship between perceived body dissatisfaction and perfectionism with uncontrolled eating behaviors
546. Quality gap in education premarital consultation in the health centers of Shahid Beheshti University of medical sciences
547. Relationship between Perceived stress and metabolic syndrome components
548. Distribution of Resources in Medicine
549. To Get the Informed Consent in Health System
550. Effects of Perceived Psychological Stress on Serum Lipid Concentrations .
551. The Relationship between Sensation Seeking and Behavioral Activation/Inhibition Brain System in HIV Positive Patients
552. The experience of puberty in adolescent girls: a qualitative study
553. Evaluation of HIV/AIDS websites in Persian: a preliminary study
554. Relation between personality disorder and sensitivity to beauty; Study in cosmetic surgery applicants
555. The impact of antenatal education on knowledge of and attitude toward primigravida`s women about delivery methods refering to tabriz social-Security, in 2009-2010
556. Access to age-friendly city in Tabriz
557. Importance of continuous blood pressure screening among young population
558. Perceiver Threat to Breast Cancer in Gorgan City, 2010
559. The Survey of Processes of Change for Smoking Cessation through Stages of Change Based on Trans-theoretical Model in College Students.
560. Comparison of worry and Anxiety Control in olders and young adults
561. Measuring Health Belief Model components in adopting preventive behaviors of cervical cancer in Jahrom 2010
562. Effect of communication skills training program on patient satisfaction in IRAN
563. A successful experience on participatory youth health promotion
564. Community Empowerment regarding to Adolescence Nutritional Health Promotion
565. Title: Contributing factors on taking action to stop addiction: A behavioral model
566. Impact of education on health belief model in creating nutritional behaviors associated with gastric cancer housewives.
567. he¬ effect of locus of control and Gender on social adjustment of intelligent high school student
568. The status of tobacco use and Attitude, relating to smoking among postgraduate males students in Shiraz university of Medical Sciences
569. Realistic evaluation of implementation of health promoting schools in South Africa
570. Comparison of physical activity in women with and without uterine leiomyoma in Tabriz educational medical centers,2010
571. Women's surfing high-risk sexual behavior
572. The Effect of heavy physical activity on Total Antioxidant status and Malondialdehyde in the Trained individuals
573. Effectiveness of group cognitive behavioral intervention on stress, anxiety and depression in patients with coronary artery diseases
574. Design of Mobile Health Education Animations for students
575. Islamic approach appropriate to achieve strategies to Millennium Development Goals 4
576. Effect of aerobic exercise on quality of life of men with schizophrenia
577. Guess How Much You Weigh: A Descriptive Study
578. The effect of breastfeeding educational program on exclusive breastfeeding duration.
579. Parent awareness about carrying school bags among primary school students in Tabriz
580. Contribution of parents and children in selection and use of school bags among primary school children in Tabriz
581. The Effect of mental health Courses for couples on domestic violence rate in Mothers referring to Alzahra educational hospital Tabriz-2010
582. health advocacy
583. The enhancement of happiness in the work place based on Fordyce method in Islamic culture
584. Promotion of the occupational Health and safety culture based on Islamic teachings
585. Designing Mobile Learning Software for Health students
586. Mobile Educational Packages for Family Physicians
587. Using PRECEDE model to Promoting Safety Behavior in children
588. Self- caring behaviors among cardiac patients after cardiovascular surgery in Heshmat hospital, Rasht, Iran
589. Quality of life and factors related to it among cardiac patients after heart surgery
590. Physical Activity in Older Men: Comparing Self-efficacy with the Theory of Planned Behavior
591. New subject for Health Education: More Cell phone use; more men infertility
592. The study of socio-mental status of mother and infant growth in under 6 months children in Ahvaz.
593. The relation of personal and social factors with patterns and symptoms of menopause
594. Frequency and determinants of successful aging : Opinions of Retired people in Tabriz city.
595. Evaluation of self management support based on a 5A’s model as a mode of change behavior in patients with diabetes
596. Prediction of anxiety and depression based on a history of child abuse
597. Assessing causes of marital conflict as a threat against marital mental health in view of the of newly-wed couples in yazd (2003-2005)
598. Survey of Quality Of Life Related Factors in Patients with Peptic Ulcer Utilizing PRECEDE Model in Sanandaj
599. Social support and its socio-demographic determinants in women of reproductive age
600. Assessment Of Knowledge, Attitude And Performence Of Businessmen And Traffickers In Chabahar (The Free Commercial And Industrial Region) That Go To Abroad About Aids
601. The effect of education based on Health Belief Model on osteoprosise prevention among pregnant women refer to Arak health centers
602. Comparing of postmenopausal womens’ knowledge about the causes and prevention of pelvic floor disorders in two groups :(women suffering from and non suffering
603. Prediction Obsessive-Compulsive Symptoms in nonclinical population based Thought Fusion beliefs
604. Experiences and views of junior medical students about puberty problems and changes – Tabriz 2010
605. Social and environmental determinants of physical activity in over 18 years old women in Tabriz
606. Health related lifestyle among high school students in Tabriz based on Global School-based Student Health Survey (GSHS).
607. Mental health in high school students in Tabriz, based on Global School-based Student Health Survey (GSHS).
608. Violence and unintentional injuries in Tabriz high schools – A Global School based student Health Survey (GSHS) based study
609. Share of nations in 37 international public health journals: An equity and diversity perspective towards health research capacity building
610. The relationship among personality traits and general health in University of Medical Science Students , Yazd , Iran,2010
611. Determinants of salt consumption based on theory of planned behavior among women refered to settings of health care ,Yazd,Iran,2010.
612. Sleep quality, Sleepiness and General health status of Isfahan University of Medical Sciences Students,In 2010.
613. The survey status preventive behaviors in relation to the H1N1 'swine influenza' pandemic 2009 : An application of protection motivation theory among an high school students in Isfahan.
614. Knowledge, attitudes and practice of Breast Self - Examination among female health workers in Isfahan, Iran, 2010.
615. The effect of prenatal physical exercise on labor duration
616. Continuation rates and reasons of discontinuation for cyclofem and Depo- provera in rural areas of ٍEast Azarbaijan province, Iran 2010
617. Risky behaviors among offender motorcyclists in Tehran, 2009.
618. Evaluating the problems of mothers in exclusive breastfeeding and educational intervention for improving nutrition status in Iran
619. Limitations of theory based educational intervention on reducing musculoskeletal disorders? The Recommendations for health promotion approach.
620. Study of Stage – matched educational intervention for preventing of musculoskeletal disorders
621. The survey of education needs of elderly exercise regarding healthy life improvement
622. The survey of emotional health of women post antenatal education on pregnant women in women referring to Dezful health centers in 1388
623. The survey of General Health in elderly period
624. The Survey of comparative of Quality of life in Women after Delivery
625. Study of "mental health" and its relationship with the family welfare in pre-university students in the Salmas city in 1388-1389
626. The effect of holy Koran sound on the intensity of labour pain in nulliparus women
628. Risk assessment of developing breast cancer by utilizing Gail model
629. Evaluation Homesickness in Non Iranian Students boys in Shiraz Medical Science Dormitory
630. Evaluation of meal number consumed by lactating mothers and its correlation with infants anthropometric indices for nutritional education program planning
631. Study of applying coping style and factors related to it among cardiac patients after coronary artery bypass surgery
632. Study effects of education on nutritional behaviors in Iranian military personnel
633. The effect of brucellosis control interventions based on need assessment and epidemiologic findings in East Azerbaijan Northwest of Iran
634. Effect of ginseng capsule on life quality in type 2 diabetic patients
635. The role of Complementary-Supplementary Medicine in health promotion
636. The relation of parenting styles to negative-positive perfectionism in adolescents
637. Health Promoting Behaviors in School Age Children
638. Evaluation the effect of nutrition education on knowledge elders Darab city
639. The effectiveness of school- based intervention program on self esteem in peer group in middle schools students
640. Survey of knowledge and practice in woman who refer to health center about self -medication with drugs, based on Health Belief Model in Isfahan city.
641. Comparison of the depression in wanted and unwanted pregnancies and its roll in the mental health and progress of health family
643. Effects of Perceived Psychological Stress on Serum Lipid Concentrations
644. Effects of education on the knowledge &self-efficacy of health volunteers about the necessity of mouldy bread separation from other wasted bread
645. Assessment of fruits and vegetables consumption of college students and its correlation with Body Mass Index and education level for planning the proper nutrition education
646. The Effect of 8-Week Aerobic Exercise on body composition, Blood Glucose and Cardio- Vascular Risk Factors in women with type 2 diabetes
647. Assessment of function training needs to improve the HRQOL in among middle aged and older blind war survivors.
648. Development and determination of validity and reliability of an instrument to measure determinants of salt consumption among women refer to settings of health carebased on theory of reasoned action, Yazd , Iran 2010
649. Title: Assessing the condition of some health problems related to behavior in the field of growth, sight and teeth of children less than 5 years of age in Kohgilouyeh province in 1388-1389
650. The role of individual’s attitude and perception towards the philosophy of creation and existence of the world in health protection and promotion
651. Predictors of Sexual Risk Behaviors among Iranian Adolescent Females: A Population Based Study
652. Affect of education by group discussion on pregnant women knowledge and attitude about nutrition in pregnancy period
653. The effect of the Health Belief Model in promotion of preventive behaviors of osteoporosis in rural women in Malayer city,2010
654. Survey of some oral health related factors among high school female students in Yazd based on health belief model (HBM
655. The prevention and control of road traffic injuries in rural communities: input from community health workers in rural Twiserkan, Iran
656. Fall safety promotion in rural communities: input from injury data and community health workers in Twiserkan, Iran
657. Healthcare promotion in cardiovascular diseases: Is there a place for information technology?
658. The Manchester Driver Behavior Questionnaire: a cross-cultural study in Iran
659. Assessment of calcium consumption of college students and its correlation with educational level and body mass index
660. Study of health education effect on knowledge and attitude of high school students regarding AIDS in kashan during 2009
661. Title: The effect of education based on HBM on preventive factors of HIV/AIDS among health volunteers
662. Report of The global survey on the progress in chronic diseases prevention and control. (Study overview)
663. Perception of People about Lifestyle and Cancer
664. Investigation the effect of safe community project on life quality in Songhor
665. Perceptions of older people about physical activity
666. Barriers to Participation in Physical Activity among Iranian Older People
667. Related Factors to Preventive Behaviors of H1N1 in Students Based on Protection Motivation Theory (PMT) in Yazd-Iran
668. “Effects of stress management training at academic achievement”
669. Effectiveness of Nutrition Education in Type 2 Diabetic Patients
670. Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors in Blue-Collar Factory Workers, Tabriz, Iran
671. Prevalence of Depression in Iranian Turkmen Older Adults – 1389
672. The effect of mothers' educational program based on health belief model on participating for hypothyroid screening test of their 3 to 5 day infant at birth – Chadegan township health center year 2008
673. Evaluation of knowledge about tuberculosis among the nomads and herders in Kermanshah during 2008
674. Serum Uric Acid Levels and Its Association with Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Iranian worker
675. Relationship between Perceived stress and metabolic syndrome components
676. Exercise training on Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) in breast cancer survivors
677. The effect of self-care education on quality of life (QOL) in patients with angina in Kashan
678. International organizations and associations related to health education and health promotion
679. Use of Health Belief Model to examine High school female students’ Osteoporosis prevention behaviors, Arak, Iran
680. A glance on occupational health education among students and medicine graduates
681. Marital satisfaction in infertile men and its relevant factors
682. Quality of non-health aspects of care from the perspective of people with Caesarean Section and Normal Delivery
683. The Effect of Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Preoperative Education on Patients Anxiety
684. Quality of maternity care from the perception of pregnant women
685. Improving the health of pregnant women through a PHC audit on hypertension and preeclampsia
686. Adherence to maternity care standards to improve the health of pregnant women
687. Parents-to-parents training: A new method to train people based on client-centre and knowledge translation approaches
688. Exposure to second hand smoke during pregnancy: Umbilical cord blood cotinine measures
689. Gender differences in waterpipe smoking among Iranian adolescents
690. Is prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus related to education, marital status and urbanization in Isfahan, Iran?
691. Assessment of the correlation between birth weight, length and head circumference in children
692. Prevalence of depression in older people in Isfahan, Iran: a community-based study
693. Causes And Control of food insecurity: the design of a model in the Northwest of Iran
694. The pattern of the age at natural menopause in Damghan
695. The adolescent beliefs about obesity and overweight base on health belief model ,2010.
696. Risk Perception of HIV/AIDS among college students at Semnan Medical University
697. Evaluation of Health Promotion by exercise in older and With Disabilities people
698. Reducing aggression among guidance school students
699. Participatory needs assessment: An effective approach on neighborhood and policy changes
700. The effect of Participatory Reproductive Health Education by means of computer on self sufficiency among adolescents
701. Effectiveness of PEN -3 model in oral health behaviors in primary school students in Mashhad- 2010
702. Effectiveness of health promotion model on nutritional behavior program on the Middle school students in Mashhad-2010
703. Quality of studies on the prevalence of cardiovascular diseases' risk factors among Iranians: findings of a systematic review
704. Health Status Deficiency and Educational Deficiency in Public Health Students
705. Health education needs assessment to promotion of infection control and environmental health situation in dental offices of Tabriz
706. Assessment of Glycemic index and Glycemic load of daily dietary carbohydrate (GI &GL) intake of students
707. Physical activity among Faculty of Health and Nutrition Students in Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
708. Students’ lifestyle based on the health promoting behaviors in Tabriz Faculty of Health and Nutrition
709. Efficacy of Indirect Training in Mothers knowledge & Practice in`17 th District of Municipilatory of Tehran about Prevention of Osteoporosis
710. Improving the health of physiotherapy services clients through Service Quality improvement
711. General Health amongst Students Living in University Dormitories, Tabriz, Iran
712. Designing of educational information management software
713. Health literacy and preventive health behaviors in older adults, Isfahan, Iran (2011): a survey study.
714. Awareness of Women about Emergency Contraception Methods
715. Socioeconomic Status and Coronary Heart Disease
716. Survey of Quality of Life in patients with Ulcer Peptic Disease in Sanandaj, Iran
717. Validity and Reliability of the Persian versions of WOMAC Osteoarthritis Index and Lequesne Algofunctional Index
718. Impact of education to promote the knowledge and attitude on HIV/AIDS prevention: a trial on 17,000 Iranian students
719. Utilizing the PRECEDE Model to predict Quality of Life related Factors in patients with Ulcer Peptic Disease in Sanandaj, Iran
720. Evaluation of patient safety culture among training hospital staff in Rasoul Akram hospital
722. Clinical and Radiological Evaluation of Heel pain in Kirkuk City
723. Role of Management contract in health quality improvement
724. Survey of Iranian Students’ knowledge and practices and health education toward Hepatitis B transmission
725. Childbirth Situation and Physiologic Jaundice
726. Children's growth chart: Breast milk or formula milk
727. Effectiveness of Integrated mothers health care program on knowledge, attitude and practice of pregnant women referring to the health centers of Islamshahr
728. Attitude and satisfaction of physicians, staff and mothers to the Kangaroo Mother Care program
729. Practical model of education of Attitude
730. Asthma treatment adherence is dependent on Regular education and follow up
731. The effect of educational program based on Health Belief Model ( HBM) on the nutritional practice in menopause women , Isfahan , Iran , 2010
732. Mass media use and community participation in health promotion programs
733. An evaluation of the effectiveness of peer education on high school student’s knowledge about water pipe harmfulness in Shiraz
734. Assessing the rate of awareness about IUD and its side effects among female visitors of medical centers in southern Tehran using IUD in their fertility ages in the
735. Stage at the time of diagnosis and seeking help among breast cancer women in Delhi
736. Evaluating Healthy Life Style Education to Adolescents by means of Direct Method, Parents, and Teachers Using CIPP Evaluation Model
737. The role of dogma in community health promotion
738. Investigation on the radiation health in radiology centers in Tabriz
739. EASY-Care: A holistic geriatric assessment
740. Reviewing health promoting hospitals – necessity, structure, standards and strategies
741. The effectiveness of “pictorial warnings on cigarette packs on the initiation of smoking and quitting intentions” among school children
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