12 th International Congress of Iranian Academy of Restorative Dentistry 24-26 October 2012 Tabriz-Iran

1. The use of micro-abrasion for management of superficial enamel discolorations
2. Diagnosis and treatment of cracked tooth syndrome
3. prophylactic restorative treatment protocols in teeth with dens invaginatus
4. Dental computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) in implant dentistry.
5. Evaluation of the influence of the acid-etch, one step and two step systems on the micro leakage of the sealants in permanent first molars (in-vitro study)
6. The Degree of Color Change, Rebound Effect and Sensitivity of Bleached Teeth Associated with At-home and Power Bleaching Techniques: A Randomized Clinical Trial
7. Esthetic considerations during treatment of sub gingival fracture of anterior teeth
8. Using of MTA in endodontics:a review literature
9. Fiber post systems:a literature review
10. Dental fluorosis:clinical considerations
11. Indications of cantilevered implant supported FPDs
12. مقايسه ميزان تشکيل لايه ي اسمير و دبري در کانال بااستفاده از دو سيستم چرخشی با استفاده ازميکروسکوپ الکتروني به روش آزمایشگاهی
13. biologic width in restorative dentistry
14. انتخاب کامپوزیت مناسب در ترمیم دندانهای خلفی
15. self healing composites
16. Esthetic principles in dentistry
17. Evaluation the effect of canal dentin treatment with Er,YAG laser on bond strength of cemented FRC posts with self adhesive resin cement
18. diagnosis and treatment of fractured maxillary first molar
19. Surface treatments for composite resin repair
20. Review of chlorhexidine properties and effects as a root canal irrigant
21. تازه های باند به زیرکونیا
22. Esthetic considerations in smile design; Restorative-Orthodontic Approach
23. success of porcelain laminate restoration based on different incisal preparation designs
24. introduction of antioxidant agent
25. Marginal Microleakage of Resin-Based Restorative Materials
26. Evaluation of teeth bleaching with application of Ozone containing dentifrice
27. Oral lichenoid reaction:Diagnosis and Treatment
28. Association between orthodontic treatment need and caries experience
29. Esthetic considerations in treatment planning
30. Treatment of Congenitally Missing Lateral Incisors with Tooth-Supported Restorations
31. Evaluation of shear bond strength of bonded feldespatic porcelain to enamel and dentin with self adhesive and conventional cements
32. Comparative assessment of the desensitizing efficacy of laser versus other methods in treatment of dentin hypersensitivity
33. comparison the micro-hardness of enamel affected by bleaching agents and following application of different re-mineralizing agents
34. Effect of operator factors on dentin bond strength of one step and two step self-etch adhesives.
35. Managing Congenitally Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors
36. Adhesive cementation of metal free ceramic restorations
37. Key points for successful application of GICs in sandwich technique
38. Title: Evaluation of Histopathologic features of Dental Caries
39. The Role of Forensic Dentistry in Determining Identity
40. Vitamins and minerals and their Impact on Oral Health تأثير ويتامين ها و مواد معدنى بر سلامت دهان
41. The effects of malnutrition on oral health
42. The effect of storage and type of adhesive resin on microleakage of enamel margins in class V composite restorations
43. Submerged Framework Bridge: a conservative method for replacement of missing teeth
44. Comparative evaluation of the effect of fluoride and calcium phosphate solutions on microhardness of enamel white spot
45. Effect of pre-warming and/or delayed irradiation on marginal integrity of resin-modified glass-ionomers in cervical restorations
46. The effect of different sodium hypochlorite concentrations on the microleakage of cervical composite restorations
47. Management of localized anterior tooth wear with supra-occlusion composite restorations
48. Non-fluoride management of the caries disease
49. Influence of mini FRC anchors on the fractured resistance of fractured incisors
50. : New concepts in denta l glass ionomer cements
52. New Horizon in Vital Pulp Therapy
53. Effect of image enhancement on detection potency of non-cavitated proximal caries in digital radiographic images
54. Detection of vertical root fracture using cone beam computed tomography: report of two cases
55. Dental Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Making the Invisible Visible
56. Comparative evaluation of tooth fracture resistance restored by different technique and different-based composites
57. Effect of a Caries Detector on Microleakage of Two Adhesive Systems
58. Effect of guided polymerization on microleakage of conservative adhesive resin restorations in premolar teeth using two different light curing units: An in vitro study
59. Bond to Zirconia
60. The contact angle and bactericidal effect of the addition of nano silver and nano zinc oxide particles to silorane- and methacrylate-based composites (in vitro)
61. Laser Fluorescence device for Detecting Caries
62. Appropriate restorative materials for reinforcing permanent immature anterior teeth, root filled using MTA: A review
64. The current study evaluated the micro-shear bond strengths of a new low-shrinkage composite to dentin.
65. Comparison of Diagnostic methods in Occlusal Caries
66. Effect of blood contamination during adhesive restorative procedures on dentin-resin cement shear bond strength
67. Dental Training System Haptic
68. Evaluation of agreement of visual observation, bitewing radiographies and DIAGNODENT system in the detection of proximal caries: An in vivo study
69. Comparing CEM Cement and MTA in Direct Pulp Capping (DPC) treatment in deep caries lesions as liners
70. Effect of Trichloracetic Acid Hydrogel on Self-etch Adhesive Bond Strength to Dental Tissues
71. A Comparison Study of Effect of Casein Phosphopeptide Amorphous Calcium Phosphate and Flouride Varnish on Dentinal Hypersensitivity
72. Tooth preparation for ceramic laminate veneers
73. Acid resistant ceramics
74. Comparison of color stability of dimethacrylate and silorane-based composite after staining and bleaching
75. Comparison of three bonded fixed retainer
76. Experimental strategies to Prevent bond Degradation
77. A review on aspects of silane coupling agents and surface conditioning in restorative dentistry
78. Bonding to caries-affected dentin
79. Evaluation of MIC for Gralic ( Allium sativum L.) & Black Pepper ( Piper nigrum L.) extracts on Streptococcus mutans & Lactobacilli growth ( in vitro ) (خلاصه انگلیسی مربوط به مقاله کد 3450)
80. The Job of Forensic Odontologists حرفه دندانپزشكى قانونى
81. آناليز DNA دندانى در دندانپزشكى قانونى Analysis of dental DNA in forensic odontology
82. Title: Changes of lip-line cant and occlusal cant after bimaxillary orthognathic surgery in patients with mandibular asymmetry
83. Introduction of different types of light units in dentistry
84. The Eight Components of a Balanced and beautiful Smile:
85. The effect of CO2 laser treatment on shear bond strength between zirconia ceramics and resin cement.
86. Laser bleaching or Light bleaching, which one??
88. Compare the types of material used in the construction of a temporary prosthesis in anterior implants .
89. presenting the latest chemicals; Theracal lc and ledermix cement for usage in indirect pulp capping
90. Bruxism Etiology-Diagnose-Treatmentplan
91. Effect of pre-warming and/or delayed irradiation on resin-modified glass-ionomer bond strength to tooth structures
92. early interventional treatment for restoring attrition and abrasion
93. non vital bleaching and it's complications
94. comparative evaluation of microleakage of classII resin composite restorations with three different curing methods of LED and QTH equipments.
95. Fiber posts luting procedure:luting cements and surface treatment
96. Applying dentogenic concept in contouring restorations and Prostheses
97. All Ceramic implant systems
98. An overview of aesthetic prostheses for gingival replacement
99. A Review on Over-The-Counter Dental Whitening Agents
100. Effect Of Different Types Of LASERs On Dental Careis Prevention; A REVIEW STUDY
101. Ceramics in Dentistry; Classes of Materials: review of articles.
102. Clinical solutions to improve bonding to Amelogenesis imperfecta- affected teeth
103. Factors affecting bond strength of composite resins to bleached enamel & methods for enhancing the bond strength after bleaching
104. Diagnostic ability of Cone beam computed tomography to detection of caries توانايي تشخیصی تعيين پوسيدگي توسط CBCT
105. Fracture Resistance of Structurally Compromised Roots Restored with Glass and Quartz Accessory Fiber Posts
106. Evaluation of FRC type and their application method for replacement of missing teeth
107. best esthetic results by which restoration?
108. evaluation of the efficacy of diode laser (810nm) and titanium dioxide (tio2) as an absorber in bleaching with hydrogen peroxide 35% with digital photography.
110. The effect of design preparation and type of laminate material on the fracture strength of indirect veneers
112. Effect of intracoronal bleaching agents on ultrastructure and mineral content of dentin
113. Radiation-related caries: etiology and preventive strategies
114. Gingival Aesthetic By Restorative Management
115. Restoration of endodontically treated teeth
116. Post operative sensitivity in amalgam restoration
117. Shade matching in restorative dentistry: current instruments and methods
118. Considerations in restoring endodontically treated teeth
119. over bleaching
120. The stepwise technique new conservative treatment to deep caries
121. ISO of solubility and water sorption for cements
122. A comparative study on micro hardness and compositional changes of dentin floor cavity prepared by Er:YAG laser irradiation and mechanical bur
123. Evaluation of Flow rate, PH, Buffering capacity,calcium,total protein and total Antioxidant capacity levels of saliva in caries free and in caries free and caries active children
124. Bleaching Materials “Caries Control or caries progress” مواد سفید کننده"کنترل یا پیشرفت پوسیدگی"
125. composites with new resin base
126. بررسی مجدد فرول: روش جدید یا روش مشکل قدیمی Rethinking ferrule – a new approach to an old dilemma
127. Biodentin: The new bioactive cement for DPC
128. Implants of maxillary lateral incisors, Orthodontic contributions
129. Comprehensive smile analysis
130. Comparison of the clinical success rate of ethanol wet bonding with two adhesives in composite resin restoration of non-carious cervical lesions: Randomized Clinical Trial
131. Hypersensitivity : Diagnosis and Treatment
132. Abutment Selection in Esthetic Zone
133. Patients complain causes of post restorative procedures
134. The Effect of Double Coating of One-Step and Two-Step Self-Etching Primer on Enamel and Dentin Micro leakage
135. The effect of different times of sandblasting on the surface topography of feldspathic porcelain and the bond strength’s to composite resin
136. Which cement is useful for which porcelain
137. Shrinkage behavior and mechanical properties of a cyanoacrylate-POSS nanocomposite as a dentin bonding system
138. شناسایی و کاهش عوامل خطر برای شکستگی های بالقوه در دندان های درمان ریشه شده Identifying and Reducing Risks for Potential Fractures in Endodontically Treated Teeth
139. Mechanical properties of dentin bonding systems containing poly(Methacrylic acid) grafted nanoclay
140. Efect of mums solution (Mashhad University of Medical Sciences) conditioning prior to application of two adhesive systems on the shear bond strength of resin composite to dentin
141. Dental bleaching and a review of indications and treatment outcomes
142. implant occlusion:clinical guidelines with biomechanical rationale.
143. functional smile design
144. Review of pathologic root resorption
145. The effect of dental amalgam restoration on blood, feces and urine mercury level
146. Incipient caries diagnosis by optical coherence tomography (OCT)
147. Effect of 'Triphala' Mouth rinsing on dental caries and oral hygiene.
148. Dental management in microstomia patient
149. Cracked tooth syndrome
150. The effect of Epigallocatechin gallat on the shear bond strength of composite resin to bleached enamel: An in-vitro study
151. Treatment Plans Related to Key Implant Positions and Implant Number
152. esthetic crown lengthening
153. Timing of ImplantPlacement
154. The role of nutrition in oral health and related clinical manifestation
155. Light-curing Modes in Dentistry: A Contemporary Approach
156. A review of Anti-microbial and Anti-caries effects of some natural materials
157. Color and its measurement in dentistry
158. Evaluating the monomer elution from resin composites
159. Present status of cone beam computed tomography for detection of dental caries.
160. Preventive effect of ozone on enamel white spot lesions during orthodontic treatment
161. The role of dentist's experience in correction of diastemas on anterior teeth.
162. Compare the buffering capacity of saliva in the two age groups 7-12 and 12-18 years, Shiraz, Autumn and Winter 1389
163. Molar Incisor Hypomineralization: Clinical Presentation, Etiology and Management
164. The effect of several kinds of cheese on dental plaque pH.
165. Review of some useful methods for restoration of traumatized anterior teeth
166. Fiber Post Techniques For Anatomical Root Variations
167. Clinical consideration in selection of Metal-free restorations
168. Design and location of aesthetic margins in restorative dentistry
169. Bio-Glass (New approach for treating Dentin hypersensitivity)
170. finishing line design for esthetic restoratins.
171. Comparison the ratio of apparent width of maxillary anterior teeth and golden proportion in dentistry students
172. Comparison between vegetarian and non-vegetarian in dental caries risk مقایسه بین افراد گیاهخوار و غیر گیاهخوار از نظر احتمال پوسیدگی های دندانی
173. fiber reinforced composite restorations
174. silorane based_composite
175. Evaluation of longevity of posterior composite restorations
176. Light-curing Units in Dentistry: A Contemporary Approach
177. The effect of POSS nanostructures, and PEGDMA on fracture toughness of glass fiber-reinforced composites
178. Dental CAD\ CAM: current status and future perspectives
179. Non Carious Cervical Lesions
180. Socket preservation for implant
181. Effects of Bleaching on Restorative Materials
182. Coincidental Tooth Restoration and Biologic width Establishment
183. بررسي ميزان آگاهي پزشكان عمومي در مورد سلامت دهان و دندان كودكان در شهر تهران در سال 1389
184. The effects of Amalgam usage in oral cavity
185. Complications due to incorrect abutment selection
186. بررسی اثر عامل اتصال سیلان و نوع الیاف شیشه بر چقرمگی شکست و چسبندگی الیاف به رزین در کامپوزیت های لیفی دندانی
187. Color stability in the low shrinkage composite
188. endocrown restoration in endodontically treated teeth.
189. Laser application in prevention of decalcification
190. assessment of power digital subtraction to detection of variant proximal caries depth in permanent teeth(in vitro)
191. Laser etching for bonding advantage & disadvantages
192. The effects of temperature on the bond strength and microleakage of resin composite restorations : Systematic review
193. The Effect of Cigarette Smoke on the Growth of Streptococcus Mutans and Streptococcus Sanguis; an in-vitro study.
194. Posterior Glass ionomer cements: pros and cons
195. Microshear bond strength of a low shrinkage composite to dentin
196. Evaluation of bond strength of translucent FRC post to different region s of root dentin using several luting system
198. The Role of Esthetic Crown Lengthening in the Interdental Papilla Preservation
199. Clinical considerations in fiber post and core build ups
200. In vitro comparison of primary setting time of Pro Root MTA and new calcium based cement (Biodentine®)
201. Effect of Ethanol wet-bonding on bond strength,bond durability and microleakage of composite resin restorations
202. Customized fiber posts for the aesthetic treatment of severely compromised teeth
203. Strategic considerations in treatment planning: deciding when to treat, extract, or replace a questionable tooth
204. New concepts in prevention and restoration Of Non-carious cervical lesions (NCCL)
205. What are the determinants of biomechanics of tooth-restoration complex?
206. Cemented versus screw-retained implant prostheses: Which one is better?
207. Effect of Diet, nutrition and the prevention of dental diseases
208. Restoration of endodontically treated teeth: The seven keys to success
209. Porcelain laminate veneer failure and treatments
210. Dental biomaterials: Past, Present and future
211. Variables related to clinical situations in dentin bonding
212. Effects of calcium hydroxide on the physiochemical properties of mineral trioxide aggregate
213. Ethnic and forensic endodontic- restorative responsibilities of dental treatments
214. Restoration of edodontically treated teeth,a review of article
215. Fiber for reinforcement of dental composites : be or not to be?
216. Advances in Resin Composite Materials: Silorane-based Composites
218. Breaking bad news: a guide for dental healthcare professionals
219. New Regenerative endodontic treatments for necrotic immature permanent teeth
220. the use of ionomer cements in subgingival restorations and furcation defects
221. Dental manifestation of Infectious Diseases
222. Dental manifestations of syndromes, developmental and genetic disorders
223. Dental Pellicle
224. Effect of chewing gums containing the probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri on oral malodour
225. Dentin Regeneration Using Deciduous Pulp Stem/Progenitor Cells.
226. Lasers in Tooth Bleaching
227. Dental caries detection methods
228. The importance of evaluating the dental composites hardness
229. Comparison of cavity preparation by high speed handpiece and bur and Er:YAG laser
230. Open tray impression technique in implant and factors influence on its accuracy
231. Comparative study of the effect of direct and indirect digital radiography on the assessment of proximal caries
232. Conservative treatment of hypoplastic molars in children and adolescents
233. درمان های ترمیمی و کنترل پوسیدگی در یک بیمار با سندرم Meth moth -گزارش مورد
234. استفاده از Photo Activated Disinfection در درمانهای ترمیمی
235. The evaluation of microleakage in class II cavities restored with low shrink silorane based versus methacrylate based composite using two different techniques.
236. A look at forensic dentistry
237. Solving Aesthetic Challenges Due to Gingival Recession
238. Nonvital Teeth and Porcelain Laminate Veneers— A Contradiction?
239. Interaction Between Orthodontist and Restorative Dentist( case report)
240. Restorative dentistry and prevention of dental caries
241. Correction of sever open bite in Amelogenesis imperefecta: Multidisciplinary approach
243. 20 points to consider in 10 seconds of adhesive application
244. The relationship between oral health and nutrition in older people
245. Mechanical behavior of a dental nano-composite in moist media and its thermocycling effects
246. TITLE: Invitro evaluation of fracture strength of maxillary centeral incisors restored with an Iranian glass fiber post and two foreign glass- fiber posts.
247. Evaluation of the accuracy of a novel method of proximal caries detection methd.
248. Y-TZP Ceramics: Key Concepts for Clinical Application
249. Evaluation the effect of bleaching on tooth-colored restorative materials
250. Direct pulp capping with MTA and Portland cement
251. ART versus the hall technique
252. تاثیر سفید کردن خارجی روی مواد ترمیمی
253. Remineralizator component, effect on white spot and caries prevention
254. Cracked tooth syndrome (CTS)
255. Porcelain laminate veneers and their utilizations
256. Anticaries dietary factors
257. Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA) as a Direct Pulp Capping Material
258. effectiveness of HealOzone® for the treatment of occlusal pit/fissure caries
259. Several points about dentinal hypersensitivity
261. Carisolv; Minimally-invasive, patient-friendly removal of caries
262. چگونگی دستیابی به یک لبخند زیبا
263. Marginal integrity of resin composite restorations in Er : YAG preparated cavities
264. تاثیردمای مختلف آب شستشو و کامپوزیت گرم بر روی ریزنشت ترمیم های کلاس V با استفاده از دو نوع عامل اتصال دهنده اچ و شستشو
265. Effects of different dentin surface treatments on the root fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth restored with fiber post
266. Esthetic treatment for a fluorosis patient Case Report
267. UNIVISS, A new method of diagnosis, classification and risk assessment of dental caries
268. the effect of laser on preventing dental caries
269. Dental Fluorosis and treatment options
270. Evaluation of translucency in some diferent resin composites
271. Nanodentistry:The changing face of dentistry
272. Oral lesions of nutritional deficiencies
273. Diabetes mellitus and oral health
274. Restoration of endodontically treated teeth
275. Flexural strength and morphological characteristics of resin-modified glass-ionomer containing bioactive glass.
276. انواع گلاس آینومر و نکات کاربردی کلینیکی آنdifferent types of Glass Ionomer & its clinical consideration.
277. prefabricated or casting post &core which one the best ?
278. Dental and occlusal features in patients with buccally displaced maxillary canines
279. Title: Radiologic factors affecting on caries diagnosis.
280. Oral lichenoid contact lesions to amalgam
281. The effect of CPP-ACP pretreatment on bond effectiveness of Enamel & dentin
282. Effect of different methods of surface preparation on bond strength to zirconia ceramic teeth
283. Dental and occlusal features in patients with palatally displaced maxillary canines
284. Shear bond strength of porcelain laminate veneer and effect of die spacer thickness
285. selection of zirconium and fiber post in endodontically treated tooth
286. Effect of two surface sealants on microleakage of class v resin composite restorations.
287. Environmental Effects on Tooth Structure Development
288. Zirconia and its application in dentistry
289. Clinical evaluation of periodontal status in correct marginal dental restorations
290. Effect of Lactobacillus reuteri – a human probiotic strain on salivary mutans streptococci
291. Dental Implant Failure and success
292. The Effects of Mechanical and Thermal Load Cycling on MicroTBS of Clearfil SE Bond to Superficial Dentin
293. Restoration of anterior primary teeth severely destroyed
294. Restoration of endodontically treated tooth
295. Save the Natural Teeth or Place an Implant? Three Periodontal Decisional Criteria to Perform a Correct Therapy
296. Evaluation of nutrition in dental caries
297. The Relation Among Different Ethical Systems and Medical (Dental) Malpractice
298. Routine and Special Informed Conscious s Agreements in Dental, Surgical and Treatment Protocols
299. Ethical, Legal and Religious Issue of Fee Splitting
300. Latest developments in non-fluoridated remineralizing technologies: A review.
301. Minimally Invasive Dentistry and DIAGNOdent
302. Effect of cavity shape on micro leakage in class V composite restorations
303. Concepts and techniques for caries excavation and adhesion to residual dentin
304. Spectrophotometric evaluation of high noble, high palladium and base metal alloys effect on metal ceramic restoration color
305. the light intensity and contributed factors in private dental offices in Gorgan between 2011-12
306. Estimation of Enamel and Dentin Mineral Content from Refractive Index
308. Temperature changes under demineralised dentin during polymerization of three restorative resin-based materials using QTH and LED units
309. A Comparative Study of the Effect of two Bonding Agents on the Shear Bond Strength of the Repaired Composite Restorations
310. Effect of post operative bleaching on marginal leakage of composite restorations
311. ارتیاط درمانهای ترمیمی و درمانهای ارتودنسی
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