The First International & 4th National Congress on health Education & Promotion, 2011

Effectiveness of health promotion model on nutritional behavior program on the Middle school students in Mashhad-2010
*Pyman, N; ** Alinia, A
Abstract Background: Iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in adolescent girls and young. According to WHO, prevalence of Iron deficiency anemia is about 30% worldwide. Prevalence of Iron deficiency anemia in the developing countries is about 40%. It is estimated that iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia involve 2150 and 1200 million individuals, respectively. The important strategy for prevention of anemia is Changing people's diet and nutrition education .This study determine the effect of health promotion model on Improving student nutrition behaviors. Methods: This was a interventional study in which data was gathered using questionnaire for Middle school students Questionnaire was including demographic details and data related to preventive behaviors of anemia. Subjects were at the same age group (from 11 to 15 year old ) with similar sex distribution. Intervention was conducted with five sessions . study group were compared with control group after 45 days. Data analysis performed using descriptive and inferential statistic. Results: this study showed that after intervention, efficiency, define, control, perceived health benefits, barriers, impact interpersonal and behavioral factors had statistically significant with control group and with study group before intervention. The most positive correlation was between efficacy and perceived barriers (r =.609, p<.05 ) Also perceived benefits had not statistically significant with before . Conclusion: Iron deficiency anemia is a preventable disease and Teenager Girls are highly at risk of the disease. It seems that more preventive programs such as education and Improve eating habits can reduce the risk of the disease. So more education, sensitization and developing appropriate health beliefs is recommended. Key words: behavior, nutrition, health promotion model, student, education
behavior, nutrition, health promotion model, student, education
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