The First International & 4th National Congress on health Education & Promotion, 2011

Survey of Iranian Students’ knowledge and practices and health education toward Hepatitis B transmission
Sima rafiei1, Omid Barati2
Background: Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a common hepatotrophic infection that may result in chronic liver disease in some patients which can progress to important squeal such as cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Health care workers are especially prone to acquire all blood-borne diseases including hepatitis B. adequate knowledge and sequent preventive measures could effectively reduce the risk of this important hazard. The aim of this study was to assess Iranian nurses' knowledge and practices toward Hepatitis B transmission. Material and Method: We conducted a questionnaire-based survey of 290 Iranian nurses who are affiliated to Tehran University of Medical Sciences. The questionnaire consisted of knowledge items including questions about general features of Hepatitis B virus and its ways of transmission and practice items including preventive measures of their own practice and vaccination status. Each correct answer for Knowledge items is given 1 point and then sum together, to form the final knowledge score. Results: The dataset of the study incorporated 290 nurses (32 Male and 258 female). The mean age of subjects was 34.2 (Standard Deviation=7.62) and the mean time of employment was 10.94 (SD=7.12). Almost all (99%) agree that nurses are at high risk for HBV transmission; however, 93.8% have at least one episode of vaccination; 83.1% have completed the three dose regimen and 65.5% of subjects have checked for their antibody titers. The mean knowledge score is 13.21 (SD=1.99) out of maximum 15. Subjects who never had been vaccinated are found to have the lowest knowledge score (mean: 10.00 SD: 4.2) when compared to their vaccinated counterparts (P value=0.055). Conclusion: This study implies the role for knowledge deficit in vaccination failure among nurses. Educational interventions are highly demanded for this group to promote preventive activities such as universal precautions and vaccination among nurses.
Iranian Students’ -knowledge-practices - health education-Hepatitis B
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