The First International & 4th National Congress on health Education & Promotion, 2011

Attitude and satisfaction of physicians, staff and mothers to the Kangaroo Mother Care program
Motlaghe. Mohammad Esmaeil, M.D, Heidarzadeh .Mohammad, M.D, *Akrami.froozan, M.S, Habibelahi. Abass.MD, Vakilian.roshanak, M.S.
Introduction: Low birth weight and prematurity are dramatically related to neonatal mortality and morbidity rate. Based on MDG, Islamic republic of IRAN has committed to reduce neonatal mortality rate about 10/1000 (alive birth) up to year 2015. KMC is a proper method for caring of premature infant. Appropriate practice of physicians, staff and mothers results in successful implantation of KMC program. Therefore evaluation of attitude and education of these groups is necessary. This research was carried out in order to reform the LBW newborn care system. Material Methods: This study was an analytical – descriptive and qualitative research that was carried out in Tehran Mahdieh hospital (1387). The Purpose of study was to determine the Attitude and satisfaction of physicians, staff and mothers to the Kangaroo Mother Care program. Sampling was done based on purpose. The number of 104 newborns (2.5 months before KMC) and 68 newborns (2.5 months after KMC) were studied. Unstable infants were omitted from study. 18 persons (8 physicians and 10 staff included midwifes and nurses) participated in focus group discussion (FGD).Check list and questionnaire were used for data collection. Also SPSS software was is applied for quantity data analyzing. Results: All of the participants in FGD believed that staff has enough motivation for performing KMC. More of the participants pointed out that not only staff’s education is the most important factor for conception of KMC but also standardization of staff is necessary for successful implantation of KMC program. Nurses were stressed since neither there wasn’t any decreasing in their working load nor the presence of mothers resulted in more confusion and noise. Despite of this mention, the staff believed implantation of KMC program enhanced services that were given to premature neonates. Moreover emotional relationship of mother and baby caused more staff satisfaction. Mothers had low satisfaction from staff behavior and hospital facilities such as place and time. But they enjoyed from their role in KMC. Mothers’ attendance in hospital and Mothers’ self confidence are increased also in KMC group. Discussion &Conclusion: Regarding to increase of satisfaction of staff and mothers especially mothers’ self confidence, we recommend KMC implementation in other hospitals of country.
Kangaroo Mother Care, Attitude, satisfaction
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