The First International & 4th National Congress on health Education & Promotion, 2011

Evaluating a Health Exhibition Effectiveness: A Descriptive Study in Yazd, Iran-2009
Zare-Harofte F1, *Abbasi-Shavazi M2, Mirzaei M1, Morowatisharifabad M2 1: Department of Health Education and Promotion, Office of Vice-Chancellor For Health Affaires , Yazd Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences , yazd, Iran 2: Department of Health Education, School of Health, Yazd Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, yazd, Iran
Exhibitions are Communication links between visitors and suppliers of goods and services and the junction point of supply and demand. They aim increase of goods or services sailing and sometimes established for political or cultural goals. The goal of health centers attendance in exhibitions is promoting the health culture, informing public about health matters, preparing the way for using of available services and introducing health centers capability as well as social marketing for affecting social health related behaviors. This study designed to assess the community participation in health exhibition and the way that they use health products. Materials & Methods: This was a cross-sectional study performed on Oct 2009 during the establishment of Universal Children’s Day exhibitions. The people, who visit the exhibitions, mostly came along with their children. The instrument for data collection was a self- administered questionnaire which was administered randomly to 100 visitors of health pavilions established in part of exhibitions, and returned by 85of them. The data entered in SPSS Win 11.5 and analyzed using descriptive statistics. Results: The majority of the visitors were female(66.4%) and in 25-30 age group . 39.5% of visitors were house holding and most of them had diploma(38.4%) and license(29.6%) education level. The information resources of visitors about establishment of health exhibition were friends and colleagues (46.9%), propaganda especially on billboard and banner on roads and streets (28.4%), radio (9.8%) and television (8.6%) respectively. 53.1% of visitors had a visit to health painting station, 44.4% had been received health package, 37% had participated in health match, 32.1% had profited from nutrition counseling and 18.5% from child bringing up counseling. 18.5% had been watched the animation show (with the subject of no smoking) and 2.5% had heard storytelling’s fable. The visitors stated that health package, painting station and nutrition counseling were the most interesting services of pavilion. Among distributed media in this pavilion, 42% received the pamphlet of child bringing up styles, 40.7% animation CD, 32.1% health magazine and 32.1% received healthy nutrition booklet. 82.7% of visitors expressed their satisfaction of exhibition time table and 71.3% of exhibition place. 86.4% were also satisfied of establishment manner totally. Conclusion: Planned attendance of Health centers in exhibitions and other public places , focusing on health needs and priorities of people and intended groups as well as seizing the opportunities for exact education can attracts attention of people to health products and available services and may be the first step for social marketing in health.
KEY WORDS: exhibition, effectiveness, evaluation
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