The First International & 4th National Congress on health Education & Promotion, 2011

Investigation about BMI situation in Nowshahr (city) pregnant women – 2009
G.Khooshe Mehri*---Giti Ebrahim Taheri1---F.Bayzaei2---Soghra Khanzadi3
Abstract: Background: BMI is one of the factors, affecting the pregnancy. In different text (books) , primitive BMI of mothers and side effect of neonatal period has been investigated. This study is aimed to determine the BMI of pregnant women of Nowshahr, also determine the relationship of BMI with factors like; age, number of pregnancy, residential places, job and education in 2009. method : This study was a descriptive cross sectional analytical investigation. In this study we gathered information of 2240 pregnant women, which their files were recorded in prenatal care office, and health care centers. Investigated factors were age of mother, job, education status, number of pregnancy and residential place and the BMI. Datum were analyzed with (chi square) and SPSS software. Results: According to our studies with increasing of age the number of pregnant women with BMI>30 increased in women aged under 18, number of BMI>30 was 10.34 %. And in pregnant women over 35 the number of BMI>30 was 35.48%. Also percentage of pregnant women with BMI<19.8 was 15.51% and in pregnant women over 35 , number of BMI<19.8 was 0.8%. With increasing the number of pregnancy the number of BMI>30 increased. Maximum number of BMI>30 was in third pregnancy with percentage of 35.9 and minimum number of BMI>30 belonged to the first pregnancy with 10.49%. Maximum number of BMI<19.8 was in first pregnancy with 6.4% and minimum BMI<19.8 was in third pregnancy with 1.67 %. There was no significant relationship between residential place, job or education status of mothers with BMI. Conclusion: According to statistic results, with increasing of the age, the risk of high BMI will increase. Pregnancy in early ages has the risk of low BMI, on the other hand with increasing the number of pregnancy, the risk of BMI will increase. Based on studies, education about proper age of pregnancy and necessity of proper period of pregnancy is very important. Also educating couples in premarriage classes should not be neglected. Health centers and health care workers in small cities play very important role about this issue.
Key words: BMI, pregnant
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