The First International & 4th National Congress on health Education & Promotion, 2011

Study the effects of daily hot meal in children growth at kindergartens (pre primary school) in Abadeh.(1388
-Farideh Fathi*-Maryam Fathi
Introduction: Despite the fact that in the last years it has been tried to promote the children health, these actions help to decrease child's death and feeding recovery in these years but still the lack of protein and energy is one of our main difficulties in the country. Weight loss and shortness because of unsuitable feeding schedule cause the loss in children growth before entering to primary school. So we try to gather this information and doing research in this regards. Materials and Methods: This study is on the basis of descriptive - applying method. At the first of educational year the weight and stature of the children between 3 to 5 years old have evaluated. Then feed them 1 hot meal every day during 6 months at 11 a.m, also during this period all treatment and feeding problems have been considered. After 6 months later all anthropometric criterions have been studied again. Achievements: All these achievements shows that serving 1 hot meal every day has an important role in feeding improvement in these groups of children. Discussion and Results: The results shows that 6 months feeding have a positive effect in the stature and weight of the children as more than 90% of children have increased their weight and 87% have increased their stature. Their happiness and good mental condition in the village kindergartens increase their appetite, they leave the bad habits when eat food, hope that this research help us to improve the feeding difficulties in the children.
Key Words: anthropometric criterions, pre primary school children, village kindergarten
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