The First International & 4th National Congress on health Education & Promotion, 2011

The effect of nutrition education on nutritional behaviors and glycemic control indices based on BASNEF model among elderly with type 2 diabetes.
Arash Najimi*, Gholamreza Sharifirad, Leila Azadbakht
Background: Few diabetes educational programs have been designed specifically for older adults. The purpose of the present study was to determine the effects of nutrition educational program based on the BASNEF (Belief, Attitude, Subjective Norm, and Enabling Factors) Model on the elderly subjects (+60 and higher) with type 2 diabetes. Methods: In this randomized controlled trial 100 diabetic elderly (+60 and higher) patients were selected who were divided into intervention and control groups randomly. Data of control and intervention groups was collected in two stages, before intervention and 12 weeks after intervention. Intervention of nutritional education was performed based on BASNEF model. Finally, data were analyzed using chi-square, t-test and paired t-test. Results: Our findings indicated that mean scores of knowledge and BASNEF Model variables were significantly increased in the intervention group compared to the controls after intervention (p<0.001). Also, behavioral nutrition improved significantly. The number of eating meals contenting the fruit and vegetable has been increased significantly in the intervention group (p<0.001). The intervention group showed a significant decline in body weight (-1.3 kg), body mass index (-.48), Triglycerides (−18.25 mg/dl), Fasting plasma glucose (−19.5mg/dl), HbA1c (-.36%). A decrease in HDL (-1.02mg/dl, P = .9) and LDL (-4.04, P =. 2) was observed in the interventional group, although it did not reach statistical significance. Conclusions: BASNEF – based nutrition educational intervention led to improve nutritional behaviors in addition to improve knowledge and attitude of diabetic elderly and it led to improve indices of glucose control during 3- month intervention.
Nutrition education, BASNEF model, metabolic indexes, Elderly, Type 2 diabetes mellitus
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