The First International & 4th National Congress on health Education & Promotion, 2011

Coping strategies against job stressors in Tabriz hospitals nurses
Khajavikia H - MSc in Medical surgical Nursing Education , Academic staff Member of Nursing Department at Islamic Azad University- Tabriz BranchH
Introduction: As a reason of confronting with various stressors at work place nurses are frequently exposed to different physical and mental side effects which decrease their performance quality. Appropriate Coping ability and flexibility will reduce negative aspects of stressors, will improve service provided by nurses, will create job satisfaction and ultimately will raise the communities’ health level. The goal of this study was to clarify strategies which could help nurses to cope with job stressors . Materials & Methods: This study was descriptive in nature. The research population was all nurses used to work in Tabriz hospitals of which 342 nurses had been working in various shifts in 2010 and attended in the study based on a Quota sampling. Data gathering tools contained 2 questionnaires: Personal and professional characteristics of individual questionnaire and Cooper cooping skills sub skills. Data analyzes were done by using SPSS. For analysing the relation between Personal and professional characteristics and Coping strategies,T test and ANOVA tables distribution were used. Results: majority of applied methods by nurses to fight again stressors was kind of to make a separations between home and work place topics and take a refuge at personal home (M=74/4) of nurses trying this methods. The result of this research revealed a meaningful relation between coping methods member of children existing at units under research. Discussion & Conclusion: Determining the Coping methods that nurses use in hospitals and its relation with their individual and social identify, will provide a possibility for health authorities to review and provide the management structure and execute educative activities. As a result the most appropriate and helpful coping methods will be acquired by nurses
Keywords: Job stressors, Nurses, Coping strategies
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